Mobile App Development Keys

There are currently more than 1 billion smartphone users in the world today. The number of users is increasing rapidly every single day. People love smartphones because of the convenience and functionalities .Apps are also making many people rich too. Many startups have started to develop mobile apps to increase the growth of their company.

1) Design and functionality

Before developing an app , design and functionality should be prepared. Because design plays a vital role in branding the app. If you have a poor design in your app then it will be put your app in the failure category

2) Be unique

Have some unique and different ideas about the app. Don’t follow or copy from the existing app . If your app is distinctive then your product will be in high peak.

3) Know the recent trends

Before getting into this , search what’s happening around us and what are the recent update in the apps. That can give some new different ideas which helps to build a better app

4) What kind of app to be made?

Before designing the app , decide what kind of app to be made . Whether it’s a social media app , music app or transportation app .

5) Attract customers

Your app should have something that is not in other apps.
Have some different element to your app , that will definitely grab the attention of the customers.
6) Memory

Your app should have less memory to download , because apps with very high memory is not preferable nowadays by the user

7) Advantage and disadvantage of existing apps

Make of note of Advantage and disadvantage of existing apps and overcome these problems in your app

8) look and feel

when it comes to designing , design your app as possible as good , because 80% of apps are used because of the look and feel.

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