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The demand for mobile phones has increased due to the use of mobile apps. To make a convenient and easy mobile apps, it is essential to chose the best mobile app development company like Smarther in Bangalore. Smarther is the best and leading mobile app and web app development company in Bangalore. 

At Smarther, we convert your ideas into a successful business. We alter your business through the ability of the best enterprise. We develop latest apps for both Android and iOS as your partner. We make products with user-centric designs. We serve in different industries with more than 11 years of experience. We build solutions for both web and mobile which take your business to the next level.

Our development process:


  • Requirement analysis: Our team collects the information related to the project from the clients and they analyze your ideas and which will take your business to next level. They spend more time researching and planning. The budget and time taken to complete the project are decided in this phase.
  • UI/UX design: Once you find the solution for your problem, our team makes the design for your project, and this design results in increasing app downloads, and customer retention. Then send the design for client approval.
  • App development: In this stage, our team converts the design into the app by coding. Our developers make a better app and our experts deliver error-free services at every stage of the development process.
  • Testing: It is an important part of the development process. Once we finish the coding, our tester tests the code and checks if any bugs or errors occur. If any, then correct the code and deliver the quality app within the time. We test the app in different ways that go through more testing modules.
  • Q/A and Maintenance: After delivering the app to the client, it will be launched, we give support by maintaining the app which means if any app crashes or errors occur in the future, we support and update the app.

Our services:

Android app development:

Smarther offers customized android app development by utilizing all the latest SDKs and development tools. We meet the customer requirement with our experienced developers. Our development process is from the design phase to the development, testing, and maintenance.

iOS app development:

As per the client’s requirements, our main goal is to offer iOS app development with better UI/UX design. Our excellent and skilled developers develop iOS mobile apps with the help of modern development technologies, tools and coding with Swift and Objective C that are compatible with iOS mobile apps. We transform your ideas into successful and world-class mobile apps across the world. We ensure that our services will meet the client’s needs.

Web development:

We develop web design and development services with all modern technologies. We have successfully delivered more than 250 sites with over 10 years of experience. We build first-class web apps for various businesses. Our expertise in web technology has broad experience in developing eCommerce, food delivery, corporate, and more. We also work with familiar web Content Management Systems (CMS) like Magento, WordPress, and more to make custom web solutions.

Digital marketing:

We assist more businesses to reach more customers using digital marketing and convert businesses digitally using mobile and web app development. Our digital marketing services are Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing(SMM), Search Engine Marketing, Branding, and more. Our digital marketing analyst guides businesses to set up the best possible strategy. We successfully implement the digital media strategy for businesses to increase Return On Investment(ROI). 

Most reliable mobile app development company in Bangalore:

  Smarther is the leading mobile app development company in Bangalore. We have been delivering innovative and creative products and services for our clients in over 20 countries. Our brilliant and experienced experts are providing the required solutions for both Android and web development using their technical skills. Our entire team of intelligent and excellent experts develops and delivers interactive and cost-effective products without compromising on quality and satisfying the clients. Our development team consists of assigned designers, developers, and technical writers, and they all work as a single devoted mind to finish the assigned task on time.

Why choose Smarther for mobile app development?

  • Our team: We have a team of the best web and mobile app developers to offer the needed solutions for our clients. They have more experience and skills resulting in eminent and phenomenal services.
  • Technology Oriented: We are a technology-oriented company and we offer services in mobile app development, web development, e-marketing, and more. We deliver first-class products within the budget and within the stipulated time to all our customers.
  • Efficiency: Our main goal is to provide efficient products which directly relate to client satisfaction and ROI.
  • Customer-centric: As we are a customer-centric company, we care about our clients and meet their business requirements with our products and services.
  • Award-winning company: Smarther is awarded as the best mobile app development company in Chennai by ENANTRA. We deliver high-quality and better-performance mobile apps using the latest technologies. 
  • Our experts build the most complicated mobile apps using their technical knowledge and offering standard mobility solutions. 
  • Protection of source code.
  • Easily accessible and flexible.
  • Affordable cost.

Industries we expertise: 

  • Ecommerce
  • Health
  • Education
  • Real estate
  • Banking & Financial
  • Automotive
  • Travel
  • Media/Entertainment
  • Social media

Highlights of Smarther:

  • 200+ apps developed
  • 25+ efficient programmers
  • 100+ fortune clients
  • 10+ year experience
  • Award-winning company

Hiring Models:

    You can select the convenient hiring model for your business and begin your mobile app development.

  • Hourly basis: You can hire developers based on an hourly basis. You can expand the decided hours as per your project requirements and progress. Stay in the loop with our developers with the help of time-tracking software and real-time reports.
  • Fixed Price: Before starting the project, we can mutually agree on the fixed time, budget, and resources.
  • Dedicated hiring: Hire for the services that you need for your business. To improve your existing team, we can gather an individual or a team of professional developers with skills. Real communication and coordination will improve the delivery of the product that you need.

Flawless mobile experience on any platform:

We integrate the technologies into our custom apps. They are,

  • Native app development:

The apps that operate on a specific mobile device or operating system are called native apps. As they can use device-specific software or hardware easily, native apps are known for their incredible performance. Our mobile app development company in Bangalore offers the full cycle of development services of stable, secure, and scalable native apps which are familiar for their advanced features and excellent speed.

  • Our better-performing apps provide the best mobile experiences that can help your business grow and reach more customers.
  • We offer native app development services like designing and developing apps for Android, iOS. 
  • Our native app developers combat to develop solutions that can optimize your business rankings.
  • Hybrid app development:

    Hybrid mobile apps use the same code which is suitable for multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, etc. With a simple backend design, these apps offer a native-like experience and they are cost-effective. We provide flawless hybrid apps that work on all platforms. They use modern and advanced technologies which help clients to increase their sales and profitability.

  • You can obtain a strong hybrid app that serves your needs and efficiency with Smarther.
  • The advantages of hybrid app development services are good UX design, transparency, use of latest technology, and high coding standards.
  • Our team of expert developers knows framework tools like Xamarin, React Native, Sencha, Ionic, PhoneGap, etc.

Agile development process followed in Smarther:

  • Pre-development:

We start the mobile app development process by detecting the project goals and needs of our clients. We take valid points from the client’s idea and ensure workability. We prepare the plan for development including the technology stack and decide on the system architecture. 

  • Development:

As per the client’s need, our developers and technicians customize each part of the solutions. They design and develop mobility solutions with a deep knowledge of the best industry practices and architecture competencies, that serve customers. The development stage also has severe testing, flawless integration with the existing environment, and deployment in the corresponding app stores.

  • Post-development:

To ensure success, we provide post-development support to clients. Our support and maintenance system has three various levels. Our special services are server monitoring, performance monitoring, continuous upgrades, analytics monitoring, app crash monitoring, third-party integration, security reviews, OS & server migration, and app store management. 


    The best and most professional mobile app development company will help you to make a better iOS and Android mobile app for your business. The app design and development keep the target audience and make your business profitable. Customized mobile apps meet your business needs efficiently. If you want to make a successful mobile app for your business and transform your ideas into the successful app, choose Smarther for better performance and high quality.


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