Mobile App Engagement Strategies

How to get your mobile apps in great engagement with users? The most important aspect which needed to analyse before going for mobile app development. After witness million of apps and games on stores, its important to develop an user engaged mobile application. App retention is the key consideration for often engagement of user. Check out below for some of the key strategies to drive better mobile app engagement.

6 Useful Strategies to Drive Mobile App Engagement

According to the research, A normal smartphone user who spending time on only 25% of apps of the overall usage before discard. So the cause effects due to lack of effective engagement of apps and other poor retention strategies.

The way to an effective application isn’t just about expanding your downloads, it is likewise about guaranteeing that your users keep on engaging with the application long after they’ve downloaded it.

1. User Guidance

While installing the app and opening for first time, Guide users on the app’s main features with an image carousel. Aware you’re users by including a welcome message when a new app version is released. Take your users directly to the relevant screen on your app by using deep-linking.

2. Communication

Engage with them by announcing special offers with an interstitial image. Include a friendlt tutorial with a video message. Make user of banner images and in app messages to interact with users.

3. Conversion

Maximize your conversions through user re-targeting by sending card reminders and push notification. Include coupon offers with a link to the relevant app screen. Mobile specific rewards and special promotions help drive conversions.

4. Acquiring Users

Invite users to rate your app. Cross promote other apps by suggesting them to users. Provide users with an incentive to share your app.

5. UI Modification

Occasionally change your app’s theme to provide a seasonal favor to the app. Use text changes to reflect any new app offerings. Changing app images to drive better engagement.

6. Core Engagement

Re-engage dormant users with limited time-offers. Encourage users to upgrade the app versions. Reward power users with special offers/discounts.


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