Laundry App Development Company 

Get a complete solution for your online laundry application with advance & flawless features.

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Laundry App Development Company

Laundry App Development Company

Laundry App Development – A Complete Solution with pickup and delivery 

Smarther provides a complete solution for the laundry business by connecting customers through the mobile app. With the help of Android and iOS apps, the laundry process made easy by simply placing orders online and wash your cloth through service providers.

At Smarther, we built a management system to run your laundry business successfully and help to retain your customers with the help of advanced and latest features which enabled along with the mobile app development. Increase your ROI by developing a customized mobile app for your laundry business.

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Laundry Process Made Easy

The minimal and easy interface let your users select the customized options to place their order for laundry. Track a complete process online from placing an order to getting it delivered to customers’ doorsteps. Manage a secure payment through the app which made easy transactions.

Schedule Order Pickup

Choose different laundry options

Apply Coupon & Offer

Live Location Tracking

Flexible Payment

Review & Rating

Laundry App Development Company

Customized Delivery Executive App

The delivery app helps to connect executives to track the pickup and delivery of each order. With the help of the app, the delivery executive can manage to pick up the scheduled order and drop it at the washing hub and deliver it to customers’ doorsteps by tracking the location online.

Manage order request

Live location tracking

Update Order Status

Manage Payment

Update delivery status

Help & Support

Laundry App Development Company

Management Hub For Your Laundry App

Our customized management portal helps to maintain and track customers and executives. We provide a safe and secure backend system to store the data and make online payments. With the help of the management portal, you can take control over the entire app and also able to track analytics and reports.

Manage Customers & Executive

Manage Payment Integration

Reports & Analytics

Laundry App Development Company

Why Work With Our Laundry Delivery app development company? Our Process for Mobile App Development


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How much time will take to build my laundry app?

The process of developing a laundry ordering app includes app designing, prototyping, app development, Q & A Testing, and deployment. To perform all these operation, we will divide the project main-stone based on the percentage of completion.

For developing on-demand laundry app with basic functionality it will take around 30 days. If needed any other additional functionality then it will take some more time around 45 to 60 days.

How much it will cost to develop laundry delivery app?

The cost of developing an on-demand laundry delivery mobile application depends on overall functionality and technologies to include. The basic app requires three different modules – User app, Delivery Executive app, and Admin web panel.

The mobile app to be developed with Android and iOS technologies and the backend to be made with PHP using the Laravel framework. The development cost also includes server, domain, and other third-party integration. To know the on-demand home service app development cost, then feel free to Contact Us.

How long do you provide support after sales?

After success deployment, we do offer free support for first three month. If client interested to extent our support after three month, then we will charge based on work to be done.

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    Laundry On Demand Mobile App Development Services

    Do you want to increase revenue in your laundry business? Take your business through the Mobile app, Mobile apps will help you in bringing your laundry business online and to get more orders everywhere from the city. Our Laundry on-demand app services help your business to innovate faster and deliver endless services to your customers. Providing the user’s options like scheduling the laundry services, this adds to their convenience and comfort. Will make all your data in the cloud and your customers will enjoy the business service providing as Laundry on demand service.

    Features of On Demand Laundry Mobile app development

    • Admin Control
    • Sign up / registration
    • Tracking option
    • Integrated payment service
    • Customized as per customer requirements
    • More efficient turnkey
    • Scheduling the pickup and delivery
    • Automated fully
    • Technical support
    • Providing high engagement process
    • Feedback and review options
    • Best cloud data storage
    • From sign up to authentication everything is user-friendly
    • Notification options
    • Good User Interface
    • Use of high technology

    On Demand laundry app services from Smarther Technologies

    High Efficiency – The credibility of the business is met by ensuring the user demand by providing great services. Laundry on Demand from Smarther technologies brings in improving the efficiency of your laundry business by giving a good service for customers.

    Market Growth –  Technology growth provides room for the expansion that encompasses many people and professionals across various geographies and markets

    Analytics –  Market trends and the customers can be analyzed by gathering the data over a specific period of time.

    Request for service –  Users can avail the search service by placing request in the search bar

    Profile Integration – User-friendly registration steps making customers use the app easily. Social media registrations for easy usage are available

    On Demand Service request –  Make your Laundry service in one tap to boost your business to next level

    Payment Method –  Payment methods are made easy

    These are the basic features and apart from this, you can ask for your specific requirements, in the way that you want to target your customers. Smarther’s on  Laundry demand mobile application service includes all the technologies, user retention, industry constraints that are necessary for developing a quality mobile app.

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