Healthcare App Development Company



Healthcare app development company

Get apps designed for the world’s most widely
used smartphone platform.


 Healthcare app development company

Get apps designed for the world’s most widely
used smartphone platform.

Healthcare App Development Company

Online Healthcare App Development Company

We know what it takes to make scalable and accurate healthcare solutions, as we are a leading healthcare development company. Our programmers offer highly-engaging healthcare apps by optimizing the best available methodologies. Smarther does not only increase the goodness of patients but also fulfills the set objective of your healthcare business at an affordable price and within the stipulated time.

Healthcare app features

We, Smarther understand the importance of medical assistance nowadays. Our healthcare apps for doctors, patients, and medical staff make a complete ecosystem of smart and remote healthcare systems and also make better workflow management of clinics. Medical institutions now can convert their physical clinics into a place where services are given flawlessly at the button touch.

Patients app

It makes a powerful healthcare app for patients on mobile devices. It smooths uploading and accessing medical records. Our app makes it easy for patients to contact the doctor at the touch of a button.

  • Gathering and analyzing real-time health records.
  • Schedule and manage patient appointments.
  • Send prescriptions, medical reminders, refill notifications.
  • Remote consultation with the best doctors.
  • Remote diagnostic facilities with wearables.
  • Share informational materials
  • Access to the EHR.

 Healthcare App Development Company

 Medical Staff App

It is an app for doctors and nurses to offer the best quality healthcare to their patients. It automates everyday assignments and makes more time for doctors to have hands-on consultations with their patients remotely or at clinics.

  • While away from the clinic, have access to medical records.
  • Offer patient consultations on the go, remotely, or at the clinics
  • Schedule team meetings and patient appointments.
  • Easy collaborations with medical staff.
  • Give online prescriptions.
  • Deliver health education remotely.
  • Make video appointments.
  • Remote examination and diagnostics.

 Clinics app

It makes the work of staff at clinics very easy. While a doctor can log in securely and offer patients treatment remotely, collect data from patients, visitors, and staff for a better experience. Moreover, for flawless operations, transfusions, surgeries, diagnostics, and other scheduled tasks can be added to an online workflow.

  • Automates medical instruments inventory control.
  • Start smart hospitals with minimal contact.
  • Addresses invoicing and insurance claims.
  • Give patient status to relatives remotely.
  • Flawless COVID-19 ward for zero contamination.
  • Monitors healthcare assets and equipment.
  • Schedule shifts and appointments.
  • Streamline internal workflows.
  • Automates pharmaceutical inventory.

 Healthcare app development services

  • mHealth App development

To enhance the communication and bond between patients and doctors, we develop mHealth apps. To offer great potential, this platform connects healthcare experts with mobile apps. Our scalable mHealth apps are beneficial not only to doctors but also to patients. One can find the right medical service provider in the given location immediately.

  • Healthcare App UI/UX

No patients or medical professionals will browse over a messy and clumsy app. We provide you with a simple and unique design. Our main goal is to make your user experience flawless so that you can easily access what you are seeking in the app.

  • Wearable Medical Devices

We understand the concerns of practitioners, as wearable medical devices trending these days. We allow you to integrate wearable medical devices with the apps, resulting and benefiting the doctors and patients effectively in the long run. Wearable devices give better insights into the patient’s health and the risk involved.

  • Third-party implementation

You can easily integrate and implement third-party software which makes the app easy to use, with our secure and robust apps. You can use a single platform to achieve all other tasks without switching to different accounts and spending more on various software and integrating it effectively.

  • App maintenance

Our work is finished not only with the delivery of the app, we support maintenance. Due to upgrades in the market, technology can bother you further. We assign one or two developers who will help you troubleshoot issues or upgrade technology in the future.

  • Back-end development

Our team will help you with back-end development so that your user experience and your personal experiences with our company will be seamless and efficient. We ensure that all your back-end functionalities work properly without any hassle, and your patients feel happy in the app. We offer end-to-end backend services creatively and innovatively.

 Why choose Smarther for healthcare app development?

Smarther is the leading web and mobile app development company. Using cutting-edge technology and tools, our experienced and skilled experts develop and deliver the mobile app integrating with IoT and wearables or remote access data.

  • Customer-centric: As we are a 100% customer-centric company, we will help our clients, and care about their development.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness: Our main goal will be efficiency because it directly relates to ROI and client satisfaction.
  • Experience: Our experts with more than 10 years of experience offer services that enhance our targeted customers.
  • Team: Our team of experts with intelligence and diligence serves our clients by developing and delivering the needed results within budget and within the stipulated time. They deliver cost-effective and interactive products satisfying the clients without no compromising on quality.

 Our process of healthcare app development

While ensuring app security and quality, our healthcare development is focused on gaining tangible results for the clients. Let us see the process we follow for app development.

  1. Gathering requirements: Our team collects requirements from our clients and analyzes them for delivering a successful app.
  2. Analyze: Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the app idea to drive error-free solutions. We understand the requirements to fulfill the client’s requirements.
  3. Design: Once analyze the idea, then make a design for the app.
    Development: We step into the development phase, once get the approval for design from the clients. After that, do the development of the app by writing coding.
  4. Deploy: Once get the error-free code and meet the client’s requirement, then launch the app on the respective platform.
  5. Support and maintenance: Once the app is launched, we will give maintenance support in the future.

Mobile healthcare apps and internet sources play an important role in health education and disease management by offering to monitor, and improved adherence, and motivational sophistication. These healthcare apps allow users to submit and monitor their health problems in real time.

Healthcare services will be more convenient with this kind of app. If you are looking for a user-friendly and cost-effective app, contact Smarther and make a successful app.

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