5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Important for a business in 2023

Digital Marketing Importance

We call this a modern era where we are very much aware of technology and its benefits, In such case, if you are running a business without an online presence in this modern era then Online Marketing/Digital Marketing is the one and only option to boost your business.

So what is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing is nothing but marketing your business or product through online platforms like google, Facebook, Instagram, youtube, etc.

With a proper digital Marketing strategy, we can able to acquire more clients/customers. Here are the five major reasons why we have to choose digital marketing for a business.

  • Know who is your customer
  • Economical
  • Branding
  • Better ROI
  • Mobile friendly

Know who is your customer

In Traditional Marketing, you will not be having the option to store your customer data whereas you have to do that manually. With the help of digital marketing, you can able to identify your interested customer, and whenever you need we can export the data with a single click.

In traditional marketing, you will be approaching the customers directly but in digital marketing, we will target only a specific audience. Digital marketing also provides you the analytics where you can able to track a customer’s activity. Above mentioned will be very much useful for small businesses. In digital Marketing there many techniques and strategies are used to build a customer base For example SEO, SMM, and SEM.


Digital marketing is very much cost-effective when compared with traditional marketing because Traditional marketing includes television ads, magazine ads, banners, and pamphlets whereas small businesses cannot afford these methods to showcase them in digital marketing, if you spend a minimum amount on ads you will get high-quality customers.

There are many methods where you can promote your business in digital marketing For example Video Marketing, E-mail marketing, and Whatsapp bulk message marketing.


The customer has to be aware of the product that you are selling, for this Branding is very much important. Branding helps you to build trust between you and your customer. Having high brand value will also lead to high organic searches with high organic searches you will get high traffic to your business. In the end, sales will be prominently high. Social media is one of the key factors where we can increase our brand awareness drastically.

Better ROI

ROI is nothing but a return on investment, In Digital Marketing, ROI will be very much good when you compare it with traditional marketing because traditional marketing involves a larger investment. Digital marketing also provides you the analytics through which we can pull out the ROI reports easily. One of the research says apart from other marketing strategies e-mail marketing has one of the best ROIs

Mobile Friendly

Mobile phones play a major role in today’s technology. Whatever strategy you follow in digital marketing finally you have to check whether it has been optimized as mobile-friendly. According to the reports, nearly 60% of website traffic is driven by mobile browsers. So creating interactive and well-optimized content for mobile devices will help businesses to target customers.

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