Tinder – An Introduction

Tinder is an online dating app founded in the US in 2012. The Tinder app started with the motive of blossoming a long term relationship or marriage. This Tinder app provides features to build social networks with people.

The Tinder business has reached to many people by cracking the barriers in blossoming new friendships. The unique theme of this business model has won the Best startup Award in 2013.

Tinder becomes the most popular dating app among the dating app business. This app has been used by so many young adults to find new friendships which provides space for the communication between mutually accepted relationships. Let us discuss the business model of Tinder in detail.

Tinder Business Model

Business Model of Tinder:

The business model of Tinder is the same as the premium services of other businesses. People who subscribed to the Tinder app can access many features and some of the services will be coming under premium subscription.

Through the subscription of the premium services, the Tinder app makes money. This app facilitates the parameters to make the new relationship trustworthy. This is the reason for the huge success of the Tinder Business.

How does the Tinder application work?

Tinder application makes its services done in a few simple steps. Download the Tinder app from the play/app store. Then, make your profile ready and search for the best friend from the list of interested people. Once the connection has been made by the request, start dating to build a relationship.

Build Your Profile

Profile building is the basic step where the user enters the personal details such as Name, contact details, studies, school, college, designation, workplace,hobbies, expectations, and the picture.

The picture saved here will be used as a profile picture. The profile picture will be displayed on the left side of the list in the other friend’s application. This picture upload option has a “smartphoto” feature to elevate the quality of the picture.

Do the proper Settings:

To make the proper settings, just click on the settings screen to adjust the age, searching distance, status of the appearance of the profile details on the Tinder’s feed. The username of the user can be authorised in this settings field.

There are categories available such as Gold, plus, Platinum, Boost, and superlikes. The user can enable or disable the categories according to their wish.

Swipe to search:

Swipe the screen to find the list of people who are interested in dating using the app. From the shown list, swipe right to accept the request or swipe right to deny the request. There is also a symbolic representation of ‘X’ for rejection or heart symbol for acceptance of the request.

There will be an alert or notification arrives if any match is identified. Simply, scroll the screen where there is a list of applications. Select the picture by clicking on the profile to know about the details. After analysing their profile details, if the user wishes to accept the friendship, press the heart or press the ‘X’ to reject.

Make Relationship:

After accepting the request, both the people who accepted the friendship mutually can start chatting with each other. If the conversation is smooth and encouraging, the people can make date with them.

How Does Tinder make Money:

Tinder’s revenue making is what we have discussed in the previous section in a line. Yes! Tinder makes money through subscription and premium services. Subscribed members pay for the services in time intervals as plans such as monthly,quarterly, half-yearly, annually. Apart from the premium subscription, Tinder earns through advertisements too.

Subscription Plans:

Here, we discuss the various subscription plans in detail. There are 3 major plans available in Tinder subscriptions.

  • Tinder Plus: Tinder Plus is the basic plan of subscription where the user’s profile sights would be increased to more number of singles. This paid plan increases the match making in a limited period of time. This service charges up to $7.99 per month approximately.
  • Tinder Gold: Tinder Gold is the extension of the Tinder plus which has all the features available with the additional feature “Likes You”. In short, this feature lists all the likes a profile has got in grid format and the user can like back, dismiss, or can check the profile who liked the user. The Tinder Gold user need not focus on swiping the entire list of profiles. The list of swiping profiles has a golden heart which indicates an already accepted profile. This plan has been charged up to $14.99 to $83 per month. The price varies depending on the age and the location.
  • Sponsored Profiles: Sponsored profiles are the paid profiles that get the pre-defined message as draft for the liked profile. This plan has varieties of price range depending upon the age and the location of the profiles matching.


Tinder is the most famous and leading dating app in the US. This app values new relationships and provides tremendous options to find connections with like minded people. This app has many features to make the connection trustworthy. They make money by subscription plans and premium membership. This app makes a path for meeting and dating people with better compatibility.

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