What is a Calendly?

Calendly is an online appointment scheduling software that allows its customers to schedule and plan their appointments online. Using this Calendly application, Business meetings can be confirmed and coordinated automatically without reminder emails. This application vastly reduces the on-road difficulties associated with reminder messages and emails.

Using the Calendly application, the appointment provider can share details such as the time, venue, address, contact details etc.  Using these details, the appointment will be coordinated. This tool avoids the perplexion associated with appointment scheduling, and waiting the time to prepare confirmation emails and replies.

The Calendly application improves the quality time of its customers. Once the appointment has been fixed, it will automatically be intimated to the appointee’s system. The major advantage of the calendly application is its AI-powered features. 

The Calendly application widened its business using the following strategies:

Calendly Business Model

Freemium Model:

The freemium model of the calendly application is the free service that provides the features such as event management of the customer, reminder messages and mails, and synchronizing with other calendars that are collaborating with the Calendly customers. For more customised features, the customer has to upgrade to the higher level of the Calendly application.

Subscription Model:

The Subscription model of the Calendly application, provides more features compared to the freemium model. More customised and advanced plans are available in the subscription model. The Calendly application can be used by both the individuals and a team in an organization.

Individuals can subscribe with monthly or yearly plans, whereas, the organisation can be subscribed depending upon the team size and the requirement of the features.

Enterprise Model:

The Enterprise model of the Calendly application is a higher level model than the subscription model. In the subscription model, the user has to choose the available predefined features, however, the Enterprise model provides customizable features to its customers. The advanced security measures are also guaranteed here.

Calendly Money making ideas:

The Calendly application makes money through various plans. These plans vary depending on the availability of the features. There is a free plan available as a basic plan in this Calendly application.

In this basic plan, the basic scheduling features such as event booking, and automatic sharing of the occupied information will be available. After the basic plans, there are 3 varieties of plans available in the Calendly application. They are,

  • Essential Plan
  • Professional Plan
  • Teams Plan

Essential Plan:

The essential plan is mainly useful for people who have more than one client. This plan provides space to connect two calendars, reminder emails, and follow-up messages. This plan includes the feature to add a personalized link and cancellation policy. This plan limits the ability to restrict the Calendly branding metrics. Another major drawback of the Calendly application is its ability to connect or integrate with the external software such as Gmail, Outlook, Hubspot, Paypal, etc.

Professional Plan:

The professional plan of the Calendly application provides many automated features. Unlike the essential plan, this plan is designed for a single user or a small team. The plan’s master feature lies in the auto-driving methodology of the workflow of its user.

This means, the automated confirmation mail one week before the scheduled meeting and the re-confirmation mail one day before the meeting. This plan creates a path to collective events. This plan has been integrated with external softwares such as Gmail, Outlook, Hubspot, etc. to automate reminder mails to the clients.

This plan also manages group events and permissions. The drawback of this plan is, the Calendly application does not allow to creation a round-robin event type, and also does not synchronize active or reserved events with the team.

Teams Plan:

This plan is best suited for a big organization where multiple departments are running at the same time. This plan is a high-paid plan so it allows custom features to its users. The in-built features of this plan allows round-robin event booking which ensures the automotive scheduling of meetings by analysing various team member’s schedules.

This plan also allows the invitee to pick the meeting time of the customer or team member if he/she is free of a pre-booked meeting schedule. This plan also provides the ability to integrate with the salesforce CRM of the organization.


The Calendly application is the scheduling or online appointment booking application which has many plans to serve its customers. In this blog, we have briefly discussed the various plans and models of the Calendly application. The Calendly application makes money by various subscription plans and advertisements along with the usage of the Calendly application.

Many organisations use the Calendly application for their schedules and meetings for its automated approach. Once the schedule has been booked the meeting data will be shared to the invitees automatically as reminder mail along with the confirmation mail. 

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