E-commerce business has reached the sky. Everyone in the world has turned their mind to shop online. It saves time and physical energy too. This is a pandemic time when we are not supposed to go out. So, it would be safe for us to shop online. This situation itself helped E-commerce sites to boom. As these industries hit a hike, the need for an app is very crucial. Recent research also confirms that mobile apps increase 3 more times sales than mobile websites do. So, mobile apps increase sales and improve customer relationships. 

Stores are inside our hands:

 Though online shopping is becoming more popular, nowadays, having its app is essential for customers to easily get in touch with the store. For example, if a customer makes grocery shopping on the mobile website She/He has to spend a minimum of 30 minutes to complete shopping. Rather, if he installed the brand’s app on his phone he would have done the shopping in 10-15 minutes’ time. Websites concentrate on the brand but the app concentrates only on sales. App displays highlight the discounts, offers and the app is perfectly designed with related images to make the customers eye-catchy while doing online shopping.

Quick and Safe Payment options:

Online shopping especially, shopping on the app provides safe payment options. So, the customer can make the payment without the fear of losing money. They use the OneTimePassword method to make payment in which a password will be sent to the registered mobile number. Thus, this kind of shopping provides secure payment. Once the payment is done, details of the payment like card number or UPI number, etc will be stored in the database and can be retrieved easily for further shopping. This ensures quick pay on online shopping.

Accurate Tracking System:

The customers can easily track the details of the deliverable products through this app. If a customer orders an item, the time of delivery(worst case possibility) will be confirmed before the confirmation of the order. If it gets delayed or you want to know where the product is, then the customer can easily track using GPS enabled. It gives the customers the most accurate results.

Building a strong relationship with the customers:

By using an app the brand can maintain a strong relationship with the customers by posting messages and notifications to them. If a customer installed a brand’s app, She/He will not install the app without trust towards the brand. If once trust is formed customers will not switch to other branch which ensures a long-term relationship with the customers. The customer will be satisfied with the quality of the brand/product first. Then they will be aware of your discounts and offers given by the brand. The customer will keep on in a relationship with the brand one and only if he satisfies with the above factors. The above factors will be reached to customers’ place by an app only. So it plays a crucial place in E-commerce.

How to Promote a Brand’s App in a right way

The promotion of an app is nothing but making the app familiar in the market. That is Unless you market your app, you will be like a head in a crowd. Once the App is landed successfully, then the most important job is to market it to the target audience. So that you can get your ROI. There are a number of ways to promote an app. Some of them are as follows:

Define the Landing Page:

The Landing page of the app should be simple and should have a clear explanation of the app in a short description. A short and sweet intro always works.

Blog about the app:

Start blogging about the Product/Service of the app. Keep regular updates on the App’s service. It takes you to the place where there are more followers for you. As the number of followers increases, the downloads also increase. 

Social Media Usage:

Today anything can be made viral because of social media. Creating MEMEs can lead you to the next level. That creates attention on you and people will start watching you.

Make important communications via App:

 If a brand communicates, through the app then the reach of the app will be high. For example, if there is a diagnostic lab, the result of a blood sample should be viewed only through the app. This promotes your app and will make the customer search for you the next time. So they will always use you.

Use Referral Codes:

Usage of referral code works a lot. If the customer has the referral code from the existing user of the app, they can get some points or discounts in the pay for the Product or service. This will reach the customers like fire.

Create a community:

 Start a community of users of your app. So, the community people can communicate with one another which leads to some problems in the app. Then these communities can make your app viral so that you can reach more audiences in the wave.

Host Contest:

 Host some contests related to your product/service. So that many of the users participate in the contest and come to know about your brand. Again use the technique of publishing the results in the app only. So at the end of the contest, your app will reach more.

Make  Advertisement:

This idea works if it is followed by a limit. If you post advertisements in other apps also you can gain. Advertise on popular and familiar apps whose services are related to you. This will definitely work if the advertising app is related to your sales.

These are some of the ideas where a mobile app plays a crucial role in Ecommerce business. Develop your ecommerce app for your business from the best ecommerce app development company.

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