Creating an App needs a lot of planning initially. For initial planning, it is advisable to start with the needs of the consumer rather than the market research. Satisfying the customer gives the maximum positive response than the visionary measures. It is advisable to learn some coding language even if you are going to hire a Mobile app development company. For example, Apple’s Swift language is used to code for developing an iOS App. To learn this language, you can make use of Apple’s developer website. There are many steps involved in developing an App from planning to marketing the App.

Steps Involved:

             To develop an App, you should do some ground study to make it perfect. By making this kind of fundamental analysis, you can cover all the edges of a theme or concept.

Get the necessity:

           For creating an App, a strong necessity must be there. If the App is only needed for the business, go for creating an App. So just analyze whether your business model needs an App or not. If only there exist some strong requirements, then go for creating an App.

Design the flow of the features:

                      After deciding to create an App, you should plan for the flow of the app. The flow is nothing but, where to start the app, how to connect each module, and where and how to finish the app, all should be understood clearly. For getting this idea, you should have strong knowledge about the features that should be added to the app. After listing all the features, connect them in a flow to make it user-friendly.

     3.Read and Research:

                         During the planning period, make research on what people really need in your business. List out all those things. Go for your competitor’s app and collect the information about the missing elements of the business. Note down all the positive and negative factors of other apps. From these listings, do some research on how to create your app. That will meet the expectation of the customer. But make sure, all those features are covered with the assurance of ease of use to the customers. In this step, fix the budget for the creation of the app.

The above three steps come under the planning level. Best planning of any idea covers 25% completion of the total work.

       4.Create a model of your App:

                     This step is the first step in the creation of yourApp. By creating a model of the App, you can easily judge its opportunities and limitations. This will clearly work. Initially, just draw with a pencil on paper, from the beginning of the page to the last page. In this stage itself, you draw the design template of each page and navigation too. After creating the entire model, you can come up with a solution that determines whether the app needs some more correction or not. This step clarifies the on-site troubles of your app and its concept.

        5.Focus on the Graphic design of your App:

                        Focusing on Graphic design is an important step that you should concentrate on more. As this Graphic design gains the first impression of your app, it should be focused with full potential. For making the design unique, it is advisable to hire a professional designer. Professional designers know the depth of the design tools and they handle it technically. There are some pre-done app templates available, you can make use of them if you like. You can customize its features or extend its usages with the available options.

  1. Do some Pre-launch marketing:

                    Pre-Launching is an important phase that reduces some leverages of paid marketing. This Pre-launching directs you to the right audience. In this phase, a lot of marketing work is done, before it has been launched officially. Here, prepare an email list to send a mail about the launching of the App. Then, build or create a landing page where you can mention some interesting features of your App.

      7.Build the App by developing code:

                    This is the main phase of the entire scenario. As discussed above, from the above pre-planning and drafts, start developing the App by coding. For example, you can develop your iOS app from XCode and Swift. The XCode actually includes a project manager, coding editors, and debugging tools. By using all of these tools you can develop an iOS app. This development phase can be divided into two categories such as, Front-end and Back end.

As the name indicates, the Front end is the page that the user can see on the screen. The back end is the page where all the data is being stored and all are being manipulated according to the instruction given from the front end. The data stored on the app will be uploaded to the cloud and a local copy of the data will be stored on the database. When new data comes in, the app will update the database. In this phase, security measures will be taken care of from the beginning.

  1. Launch in the Appstore:

                      The launching of an app is the final and most important phase of this entire work. We can launch the App in respective app stores. For launching your app, you should register for an Developer Account. Your App title and data should be prepared in the App Store connect. Then, upload the build to the Appstore. After getting approval from the stores, your app will go live. After this people can directly install the app from the device and make use of it.

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