Mobile app development trends are only a small part of the new world. Innovative technologies based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. are working to meet customer needs in the competitive sector. Read more about the latest mobile application trends in this article.

2020 has been a tragic year for of us. Regardless of industry and nationality, dramatic changes have affected all of us. The new reality triggered a response with changes in the global market and, first and foremost, changes in mobile applications. When we flow and sometimes go unnoticed, there is in-depth research that proves that changes are significant.

And Mobile apps are no longer a means of entertainment. The global scope of digitalization, the role of mobile applications in business processes and strategies is far greater than significant. mobile apps help to achieve greater consumer engagement and retention. Mobile apps are now the best tools for improving businesses.  

Top 10 trends :

Each new technology brings with it many new functions that at one time seemed unreal. The more advanced the app, the more users it drags customers. Therefore, businesses are aiming for mobile app growth following the 2022 trends.


IoST is the next stage of IoT devices, it is a revolutionary application development trend for 2022. IoT with artificial intelligence provides the perfect IoT devices that you can learn from your daily routine. Hardware companies such as Cisco and Dell plan to invest heavily in infrastructure.Google’s collaboration with Nest is also a subtle sign of more interesting things to come.

Statista reports that IoT connectivity will bring $ 26.66 billion in revenue in 2019. By 2025, the global value of IoT is estimated at $ 6.2 trillion. The total number of connected devices worldwide will increase from 2.5 billion in 2017 to 5.4 billion IoT devices in 2022

AR and VR :

AR and VR mobile apps are redefining smartphone app growth over the past two years. Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X are proof that AR and VR 2022 will be the game. Instagram and Snapchat are pioneers in social media platforms with integrated AR filters. With ARKit 2, Apple provides developers and companies; Improved sites for developing AR applications. Therefore; AR and VR will be one of the leading technology trends of 2022 for mobile application development.

AR / VR technologies are integrated with many e-commerce stores, real estate, furniture stores, clothing, and apparel brands by creating the AR / VR mobile app. Integrating this latest trend in mobile applications promises a brighter future for these dual technologies.

On-demand apps :

It is always an evergreen classic in current trends, which is improving every day for future trends. We are confident that all the major trends we mention here will be integrated with on-demand applications and make them better. Therefore; On-demand processors are considered to be the hottest trend of 2022.

Delivery applications for food, groceries, laundry, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, clothing, electronics, and more are the biggest on-demand ideas for 2022. In addition, service providers such as carpenters, mechanics, plumbers, and electricians will provide services as needed through their use.


From large companies to small startups, everyone plans to enter into the possibilities of bringing their device (BYOD). BYOD is a trend under which companies allow their employees to use their smartphones and tablet devices for corporate work.

Companies with a BYOD system save a lot on device purchases. Further; They get more employee involvement, which increases the productivity and higher revenue of the company. fraud and industrial espionage can be largely avoided by using advanced technology in startups and companies.

BYOD has its pros and cons, many pros. But if you hire a talented BYOD application development company, all the holes in the foundation will be closed and fixed properly. BYOD has been on the rise since last year, and by 2019 we can see this as one of the biggest impacts of mobile technology on business.

Black chain :

The world needs secure transactions. Blockchain is the best solution for cyber security. In terms of mobile application development, we find decentralized applications or apps that do not require an intermediary to process or manage information. The technology is spreading across various industries – from healthcare to banking to government.

take Dubai, for example, it aims to expand blockchain in the city by 2021. After Tmall Global, Alibaba announced the use of anti-financial blockchain technology at Koala, China’s cross-border retail e-commerce site

Wearable :

Let’s talk about wearable technology. These are smart electronic devices worn by the body to detect and send information such as pulse rate and oxygen level, calorie intake. With the development of this technology, new wearable applications appeared in health, fitness and sports, and more. For example, Silence offers meditation lessons for daily meditation practice.

Some of the most popular wearables are smartwatches, fitness monitors, smart jewelry, and body sensors. People can monitor physical changes very easily. This is why, along with wearables, fitness and health applications are very popular.

To live in a competitive mobile app market, new apps must-have wearable integration. With the wearable integration option, the application will be one step above user engagement. A good example of consumer retention is Apple’s latest strategy. To keep the dominance levels, the Apple Watch will function as an independent device without the need for a sub-iOS app.

M-commerce :

As e-commerce becomes more popular, M-commerce is becoming more widespread, respectively. Again, the epidemic has become the biggest trigger for both technologies. In that context, both consumers and retailers were “forced” to go online. According to statistics, M-Commerce accounts for 72.9% of global e-commerce sales so far. The industry is expected to generate revenue of $ 3.56 billion by 2021. Businesses that already have e-commerce are now more focused on promoting mobile commerce. 

There are two ways to promote the course, PWA and own applications. Advanced web applications are responsive web pages installed as an application on smartphones and function as an application. This is a great way to quickly switch from e-commerce to M-Commerce. Those who think big, act big, choose the mobile processor to promote M-Commerce. In both cases, the purpose is to obtain the satisfaction of the end-user.

5G Technology :

We will finally welcome the 5G network at the end of this year, the technology that caused so many conspiracy theories. According to statistics, once launched, it will have 100 million connections immediately. By the end of the year, this number will have crossed 600 million subscriptions. It is worth waiting for this technology because it will be 100 times faster and more stable compared to the 4G we use now.

Super-fast 5G technology will save lives by providing uninterrupted smooth 4K streaming for streaming services. It is also possible to handle VR3D objects. The integration of 5G will trigger a chain reaction of many technologies.

Event streaming :

Until we get to the reality of COVID-19 we will never think that event streaming will become a trend. In the first weeks of lockdown, not everyone thought of anything other than a virus. We have slowly changed the reality of converting offline activities to an online sites. It is predicted that virtual event streaming will thrive even after the virus has fully adapted.

Sites like these offer more than just watching events online. Users can connect to virtual events, change rooms and interact with other participants. Today, users around the world have the opportunity to participate in online events without any effort. This perspective is shocking and practically destroys the boundaries of distance.

Edge computing :

First, let’s look at what edge computing is and why it is important. Essentially, Edge Computing brings computing and data storage closer to its application location than trusting a central server or cloud-based location. This is done to avoid data delay issues. Apart from this, companies save money by processing data locally.

For example, Dropbox has developed Edge technology for better connectivity and faster file access. Nest, a manufacturer of IoT home automation devices, also uses Edge computing for thermostats, cameras, and security systems.

Wrapping up :

These are the 10 best application development trends to follow in 2022. The list is too long. an application development company considers these trends in the development process. 

With the information you have gathered from here, you can easily make use of the latest technology and innovations. These trends make a promise in tackling some of the toughest challenges and improving app development workflows for 2021. Select the trends you want to work with and contact us for a clear project discussion.

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