We live in a mobile era where we use our phones more than computers, and the range of functions that can be done on a mobile device is constantly growing.

Nowadays online booking apps plays major roles in following sectors:

  • Restaurant table booking
  • beauty salon appointment booking
  • Hotel room booking
  •  doctor consultation appointment booking

We will show you how to create a booking application and the benefits that booking tools bring to your brand. 

Online booking app does not streamline your booking process, it can help you engage your customers, build loyalty, increase retention, and generate more revenue for your business.

The benefits of online booking app:

You want your customers to be able to book your service at any time of the day, wherever they are.

Often they will be at work, or they will not have a computer when they want to book an appointment, but it almost makes sure they have a smartphone. The booking application provides them with a convenient way to book online.

These apps also help resolve confusion from bookings. Users do not have to scroll through their contact list to find your phone number and they do not have to travel through your website to find the booking form. 

Here are the many benefits of having an online booking app for your brand:

  • Book easily with a streamlined booking form
  • Provide loyalty points for application bookings
  • Send SMS reminders and  push notifications will encourage upcoming bookings
  • Use geotargeting to trigger booking reminders

Features to do the best online booking app:

When choosing an online booking app, it can be challenging to know what to look for.

we have listed here some of the features that the best online booking apps should have: 

  • Scheduling:

 While this feature may seem obvious, your booking application must allow customers multiple options to book appointments, workshops, or classes.

  • Automation:

Many business owners use online booking applications because it allows them to automate time-consuming tasks . So, check out a online booking app that automates functions like booking reminders and billing.

  • Payment gateway:

Many of the best online booking applications also act as a point sales system. This will allow you to easily collect money and deposits from your customers. Tip: payment gateway features in the best booking apps are also user-friendly. If it is difficult to use the payment feature in your online booking application, it may prevent customers from making appointments and visiting your business. The payment feature should also be secure in your booking application. 

  • Calendar syncing:

If your booking application is not synced with your calendar, how will customers know when your services are available? The best booking apps can have calendar sync, which allows you and your customers more visibility than the availability of your business.

Steps to develop the best online booking app:

Feed-in your business details:

Enter all the business details you can because this will trigger an element of trust. In addition to the business name, mention a description, add contact details and do social media manipulations so you can get more traction online and stay connected with your customers.

Make sure you provide the correct details. For example, if you provide services at a physical location, you should be able to easily locate your business by address to avoid delays.

Set up availability slot and services:

Describe your work hours and avoid bookings at intervals such as your lunch or cleaning reset. Some booking apps allow you to specify opening hours only for your colleagues and generally available times for customers.

Create the services you offer and make sure there are descriptions, durations, and prices. Also, specify which employees can provide those services and whether they are publicly available.

You can also add intermission times to services if you need to clean your workstation between appointments or if your services are overrun.

Create reminders:

SMS reminders have more open rates than emails, so be sure to send text messages to complement email notifications.

Different services often require different news content, and in many cases, a chain of reminders must be sent before the appointment. Set time and service-based reminders to increase performance.

Customize your booking page:

Nowadays online presence is essential. Your online booking page is not just the front door of your virtual store or digital front door, it is a brand variation. This sets you apart from lazy competitors, who do not spend 5 minutes designing a welcome booking page to welcome their customers.

Make sure your logo is displayed on your booking page, and use the cover image or other imagination on the page. Use only high-resolution images. Poor quality images will make your booking page look bad, suspicious, and unreliable.

Remove any other company’s business from your booking page. To do this you usually need to upgrade your free online booking app to a paid plan.

Setup app integrations and calendar sync:

An online booking system is not the only application in your technology stack, thankfully it can be integrated with everyday applications you use for email marketing, accounting, social media, and video conferencing.

Keep in mind that direct or personal integrations provide the most seamless experience and require minimal maintenance. 

Test your app:

confirm before sharing the application that it works properly and provides a better user experience for customers.

Here is a checklist for you:

  • Go to your online booking page and make a booking.
  • Check your calendar setting for appointments. If you have calendar sync set up, check the appointment there as well.
  • See if all the reminders came correctly.
  • Manage to book: Try to modify or cancel the appointment.
  • If you are taking virtual appointments, check if there is a video appointment link.

Share your online booking app:

Increase visibility online by sharing your online booking app with potential customers. You can also do this with your website, email campaigns, social media, and your business card or email signature.

Final thoughts:

After examining all the features, the development stages to start with the online booking application are coming to an end. Often, the results are based on costs. To get comprehensive fixed rates for developing your online booking application, please contact us, our project manager should contact you to discuss the features and costs required.

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