Dunzo is one of the biggest delivery apps, they are doing the delivery process with high care and perfection. They become pioneers in this field because of the demand for the service. As pandemic demands for every product to reach the customer’s doorstep, this business becomes more popular in this decade. This is the business of this decade and will reach new heights as it is required by many people. They mainly focus on the audience who struggle to spend time shopping for daily needs like groceries, vegetables, fruits, and so on. This business reached the top within five years as the demand is also very high. 

Services offered by Dunzo:

Dunzo provides the following services.

  • Grocery Delivery.
  • Meat Delivery.
  • Pharmacy delivery.
  • Pet needs delivery,
  • Health and fitness needs delivery.
  • Restaurant delivery. 

  Dunzo gets the products from the shop and delivers them to the client who ordered them. Dunzo is responsible for delivery-related issues alone. Their scope is to deliver things on time. They focus on the quality of their service as well as the number of audiences they reach. They reach more audiences by announcing new discounts often. They also offer some customised discounts for their regular customers. So the repeated audience was guaranteed. 

That’s how Dunzo developed their business and reached this much reputation.

The package of technology associated to complete the process:

There are the following 4 packages to ensure the success of the business: They are,

  • Customer App
  • Delivery boy App
  • Admin Panel
  • Store Owner

Customer App:

The customer app has a set of tasks to place orders by the customers. 


The app should have a login page to keep track of your customer’s data. 

Social Media Integration:

The customer can log in using their social media login.


Advanced Search:

A search option should be there to search for the product to be placed. This will reduce the time to reach the page of the product in the app. 

Add to Cart:

Placed orders should be added to the cart before check out. By adding to the cart the customer can review the ordered list and make changes if needed.

Wish List:

Customers can save some products to buy later. These items will be added to the wishlist and can be moved to the cart.

Place Order:

Place order will be done on the checkout page. After all the products are added to the cart, the customer can confirm the order by placing an order.

Payment Options:

There are multiple payment options available. They are, 

  • Cash on delivery
  • Card on Delivery
  • Online Payment
  • Wallet

The customer can make payment according to their convenience. This will make your app more user-friendly. 

Live Tracking:

The customer can track the order status live. This will increase the accuracy of the app. The customer can keep track of their order live.

Manage Shipping Address:

The customer can manage more shipping addresses to get delivered wherever they want. 

Push Notification:

Any notification can be sent to all the registered customers at the same time using push notification.

Order History:

Order history for every user can be displayed with respect to the login credentials.

Customer Care support:

Customers can call for any guidance or queries to get clarified.

SOS Button:

This button is an emergency usage button. When emergency needs arise, like when the driver got a sudden illness, this button will be helpful.


In-App call:

The in-app call is used for making calls using apps. This can reduce the overhead issues in connecting calls while driving.

Review & Ratings:

Reviews & Ratings are useful for making the right decisions and corrections in the business model.


Delivery Boy App:

Delivery boy app takes responsibility for all the delivery partner-related issues. The information about the delivery person, order details, GPS Navigation, earnings reports everything will be managed using this app. The delivery person can accept or reject the order at the order request page. The In-app call facility is also there to make calls for the customers regarding the address details. GPS navigation will help to find the address with high accuracy. In addition to the above features, the barcode is also available here to scan the details about the order. The delivery boy app is used by the delivery partner as well as the admin to manage the orders. 

Store owner Panel:

The store owner who is collaborating with the delivery business will get the notification of the orders. Using this app the store owner receives all the orders from the customer app. The store owner can accept or reject the orders placed. They can view all the user profiles and analyse profiles to keep track of their business audiences. 

Using this store owner panel the store owner can update the information like,

  • Add products
  • Add Product image
  • Update revised product price
  • Delivery note updation
  • Payment method options 
  • Order-tracking methods

The above are the features implemented in the panel to maintain the details of the product by the store owners.

Admin Panel:

The Admin panel is the key area that connects the user with the admin of the business. This admin panel consists of the following features to complete the project with perfection. They are,

  • Dashboard
  • Manage store owners
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Delivery persons
  • Payment control
  • Manage reports
  • Report generation for user and Payment
  • Manage Commission
  • Feedback report
  • QR code generation

By using the above features, the delivery app will have complete task control to make the process without any miscommunications.

This project also has some advanced features that make the delivery app more user-friendly to make the orders without any perplexion. They are,

  • Chatbot
  • Voice Skills
  • Tracking monthly expenditure

Cost determining factors


Location of the development of the App:

 The location of the development team rules a lot in the cost of the App. If the app is being developed in the USA, then the cost would be higher. If the app is being developed in India, the cost will be low when compared to other countries.

Presence of advanced features:

If the app consists of advanced features to be used then, the cost will be high that in turn reflects in the increase of the users of the app. 

Lock of the App Screen:

The app screen should fit all sizes of the mobile screen as all users will not use the same size of the screen. So the look of the app should be perfect while looking at different screen sizes. This will be the next cost affecting feature.

App Platform:

The app platform also reflects the cost of the app. The Android platform costs little more than iOS as it requires some additional testing functionalities. 


As all the tasks are being carried out online today, apps become the most wanted product in today’s lifestyle. Every business demands apps to scale up their service. For product/ Service to run continuously, customer engagement is the most essential factor that could be achieved by developing an own app. We develop apps in the best quality and hand over the app on time. We are specialised in doing web and mobile applications and we have done almost 100+apps including the clone of Dunzo.

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