With the increase of Mobile Development companies every year, we should be careful in choosing the best mobile development company for the better quality of the product. As customers, we should analyze first to choose the best product. There are a number of factors associated with this analysis are as follows:  

Make a Research on their Portfolio:

If you want to analyze the mobile development company, the first step is to do research on their portfolio. That means, have a deep look at the previous work they have done. Take the list of clients they have worked with. Focus your eye on the work built by them similar to your project. Know about the experiences they have in your industry. This will help them in completing the work in time. Then focus on the technologies they are having to complete a work. If they are not experienced then focus on the educational qualification and the place where they did the studies to estimate their exposure to practical experiences.

By doing research only you can list out the good development companies. Among the good list, we can choose very easily.

Analyze the reviews about the company:

After choosing the list of good companies, do some analysis on their profile. On each company in the list, check whether they have completed all their work successfully. Track each project they have done and get the reviews of the work they have done from the client end. Check whether the company has completed the work on time. In those reviews, focus on the companies that are similar to your industry. Then make some technical analysis in the work done by them in your field. Get in touch with them to know about the strengths and weaknesses of their work and infrastructure.

Catch the previous clients:

After the reviews are being analyzed, get the contact details of the previous clients. Keep in touch with them to know just beyond the paper reviews. Viewing the review page alone is not enough to analyze a company. So, directly conversate with them to get the details about their previous projects. Directly ask their previous clients about their collaborations till the end of their project. By this, you can make the decision about their involvement in the work and how they take responsibilities personally towards the commitments. This step gives you an overall conclusion about a company.

Ask for Estimation from the company:

From the above measure do filtration on companies to get better results. In the filtered list of companies, get their contact details. Ask them for an estimation to do the project. From the list of estimations, compare all those to get the lowest estimation. Compare the lowest estimated company  with the higher estimated company whether all the elements have taken part. If any key element is missing, then hold the proposal. And check whether the agreement(estimation papers) includes time for team meetings and discussions. The estimation should have a focus on unforeseen situations. It also covers the concepts of Quality assurance on each stage. After the verification of these mentioned elements please make sure all the positive elements are present and then select the company.

Examine the Final Contract:

After the selection of the mobile development, the final contract has to be signed. In the final contract, it should include some key factors to be mentioned earlier.

Some of those are here:

 Intellectual Property:

This is the key element of the contract that focuses on the rights reserved for the buyer from the developer. Without any limitations all the software, documentation, source code, and all such properties will be assigned for the company.


  It ensures the maintenance of secrecy of the confidential information shared by both the parties. That is, any of the partners should not disclose any information of the project that isn’t public. Each party should accept unless otherwise mentioned in the agreement, any information shall be used for unauthorized usage. “Confidential Information” is any information written or otherwise disclosed in any medium, by a party to the other under this agreement that is marked as confidential and any information of the party including without limitation, information related to technology, products, patents, trademarks, trade names and concepts.

Payment :

Payment related issues like advance payment paid and the final settlement of the payment and related issues are mentioned here. Advicabily, advance payment should not exceed the cost of a team’s one month rather if they are responsible for the hardware and licensing it may be high. This contract should cover the issue of settling the final amount to be given after the completion of the project. It should clearly explain the delay of payments, the time when should start the interest for the delay and finally at what number of days after delay of the payment, the team should stop the work and all.


As discussed above the overall methodology is, ask the known sources about their experiences to get contacts of mobile development companies. With the help of websites, get their details and shortlist some of them to choose the best. Analyze each shortlisted companies and arrange estimation reports from them. Finally, be careful on the contract to be signed to work with.


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