How much should it cost to hire mobile app developers in 2023

There is more demand for mobile app development in the world. These apps are used to solve the problem of businesses. Moreover doing business and delivering a high performance using apps. Doing business online with exposure to digital devices like smartphones and tablets has become normal. People use different apps everywhere from coffee shops to big stores. 

Research shows that mobile apps bring in over $935 billion in revenue by 2023. So, it is crucial to hire an experienced app developer for your business’s success. In this article, we will see how much should it cost to hire a developer and the factors that affect the cost, and more.

Factors that affect the app development cost:

  • Skills/prerequisites

The cost of app development is directly related to the skills and expertise of the developers. It is important to manage the developer’s output and quality. The developer’s skills also affect the cost. Objective C, Swift, and Xcode IDE are the basics for iOS developers. Android developers should know about Android SDK, Java, and Android Studio IDE. Developers having these fundamentals should charge a competitive and low rate. However, iOS developers also familiar with UIKit, Foundation, and Cocoa will charge a higher cost. And also Android developers familiar with, Ionic, and Material Foundation charge high rates. If the developer uses more tools, then the cost is also high.

  • Experience:

Experienced developers cost more than fresher. If the developer has more experience, then the cost will also be high. If you want a quality product, then select developers with experience of 3 to 4 years.

  •  Location:

Location is the main thing that affects the hourly rate of the developers. It is influenced by the factors like a country’s cost of living, level of life, and the availability of jobs on the market. When comparing the cost of America and Ukraine, the American programmers cost seven times higher than the Ukrainian programmers.

  • Technological advancement:

The technology stack affects the hourly rate of the developers. As the IT industry is adaptable, developers may fastly fill a vacancy in demand. It costs more to hire a developer with less familiar technology like programming language or framework.

  • The complexity of your project:

The cost of the developer depends on the complexity of the project and how long it takes to finish. It is cheaper to add new features to the existing app rather than creating a new app. Your initial idea, design, development plan, integrations, features, and functionality play a main role in the developer cost. A complete understanding of the project makes the developer estimate the development phase, technology required, methodology needed, and the time it will take to finish.

Various ways of hiring app developers:

Let us see the benefits and drawbacks of hiring app developers.

In-House team:

The “in-house “ developers have access to all the company’s facilities, work in the office, have a dedicated workspace, and receive all social advantages from the business when a company hires them. For long-term projects, contact a top mobile app development company.

  • Benefits:

  • Employees can adjust to new circumstances quickly.
  • Legal shields for employees.
  • Drawbacks:

  • People pay more money to specialists in some countries.
  • Business operating costs(e.g., rent, equipment)
  • You have to put more effort since you have to start from scratch to establish the procedure.

Team Augmentation:

It allows you to bring freelancer experts from around the world along with your existing team. You can employ them on an as-needed basis, temporarily or permanently. It is common to get programmers from outside the company when implementing team augmentation. 

  • Benefits:

  • Hiring a developer at a reasonable cost.
  • Developers will work tirelessly on your project.
  • Recruiting efficiency is increased.
  • Expand or contract the team as needed.
  • Drawbacks:

  • New hired developers need training and orientation.
  • There is the possibility of making internal mistakes.



Freelancing is another possible method to hire developers for your project. A freelancer is an independent contractor who offers the services like software development. Freelancing is growing fastly throughout the world.

  • Benefits:

  • You will have to pay only for work done.
  • No vacations or leaves.
  • You don’t have to pay for the social benefits system.
  • Drawbacks:

  • No proper control over the work done.
  • Canceling a project is possible.
  • Privacy threats


Outsourcing is hiring a third-party business to develop an app or software. Emerging economies India is ideal for outsourcing.

  • Benefits:

  • Many outsourcing companies offer competitively priced services to clients all around the globe. 
  • It is hard to conquer the combination of consistently high software quality and reasonable costs that it offers.
  • Outsourcing software development services can reduce the time spent on recruiting, and allows the project to be finished more fastly.
  • you may expand or shrink the team as needed.
  • When outsourcing, it is possible to find out a new employee with skills and expertise that won’t take months, take some days. you can choose the best-qualified engineer by interviewing candidates from around the world.
  • Drawbacks:

  • The danger of confidential data leaks
  • There is a chance of poor performance.
  • If you are outsourced, it may be challenging to hold a service provider to account for breaches.

What things to keep in mind when hiring app developers?

There are more developers around the globe. If you have the best idea for your app, it is important to choose good developers. You can hire an iOS developer, React Native developer, Android developer, and more. 

When you hire developers, you should keep the following things in your mind.

  • Clear your basics:

You should teach yourself the fundamentals of the technology, audiences, programming languages, and platforms you want to develop. If the hiring cost is too high, then there is no need to look for the best possible developers. Alternatively, you may hire remote developers who have well-verified and have a portfolio of their past work and sufficient expertise to display.

  • Create a relationship with the developing team:

You will need to hire trusted developers and establish good working relationships to get your running app. It is best to hire developers who believe in the same things as the organization. 


Every company requires a mobile app in 2023. If you are looking for hiring a mobile app developer, you have to thought of the cost. Hope this blog has given you an in-depth understanding of hiring an app developer and the cost of the developers. You can hire dedicated developers at flexible models and adorable costs. And make your app successful.

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