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One of the inaccessible Industry today is Social media. Following the huge success of top Players like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, it is not unreasonable to think “what next will be possibly added to this line”? Numerous apps have been created and they are attempting to reach here.

Android VS iOS

Before starting your social media app development process, this question must be cleared: Based on which platform you are going to be creating this app?. Deciding the platform will help you in saving your money and time. Many studies have revealed that iOS is more profitable for app developers, since the fact that iOS users spend more money. And Android users are using Social media apps more when compared with Apple users. As a result, Mobile app development Industry is facing more interesting Problems.

In the early stage of developing a social media app establishing a dedicated user has more importance, which seems that Android platforms are more attractive. With the high Reputation of iOS and it’s cool factors, this platform gives, producing content for iOS phones looks like an equally better idea.

Social Media apps: Current Trends that defines the Prototype

Social Media occupies the cutting edge of current trends. In today’s trends, it seems that some aspects of performance and functionality define the new standard in the Industry. One among them is “ Social Messaging”. A recent statistics say that around 62% of people are engaging with product or brand through SMS. Social media users are looking for the features to send messages to their friends, family within seconds. They are looking for more user-friendly with fun oriented aspects.

The other benchmark is Live video. Instagram, facebook places their footprints there. Live videos are nowadays more authentic content, it is delivered directly from the source in an unfiltered fashion. The video content and quality are regulated in a certain paradigm that allows users with an engagement that is more secure when compared with text messages.  Many social media users are gathering apps with live video functions. Social media companies, Investors, social media app developers are knowing the possibility of integrating the Augmented Reality features into their applications. By the expanded interactions and engagements, augmented reality stands as the reason behind this technology, and it continues its path in the upcoming years.

Core Features that your Social Media App Must have

Before detailing the user engagement and user experience, it is more important to develop a social media app framework that includes all the core features that an social media app must have to be. Some of the features seem to be quite same for an example all the social media apps should have the feature of creating an personal profile which is uniform in all social media apps.

In the same way, the application should allow users to make a connection with their friends, family, and acquaintances. Connectivity is the main part of every social media app. Organizing friends, creating groups are other important aspects. Facebook group feature is one of the most popular social media circle.

The next feature is security. If the user feels that the thing they sharing is not secure, quiet they will be a switch to another social media platform. Neglecting the security feature in developing app will result in making a big issue.

If you are planned in developing a Social media app, then be prepared to explore and develop the above features and services that are outlined. Take time and make research of all the social media apps that are trending today, check with the positives and negatives, gather knowledge and develop your own social media app.

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