Post Covid19 is the situation that restricts all the people in the world to keep distance from others. So the Government takes steps to restrict people from gathering together in public places. As the Government bans restaurants from running because of this pandemic situation, the only way to continue the restaurant is to take it away. For making it possible, one of the most effective ways is having an app by own. 

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Enhances the Customer Relationship Management:

By having their application by the restaurants to deliver the food, the restaurant can maintain the customer records. Unlike other third-party takeaway services, they can keep track of the customer record. They can keep the patterns of the customer details. This maintenance of record will help the restaurants to identify the regular customers. This leads to a customized guest experience. That is you can customize your hospitality to your regular customers. You can manage a relationship with the customers by getting their data like birthdays, wedding days, and so on. In the record maintenance module, you can collect some dietary information from the customers to extend your hospitality customized to them.

Reduces administration costs:

Having an In-house App reduces the cost of maintaining a paper menu, marketing efforts like decorating the restaurant, disposal of waste management, etc. Using the mobile application the restaurant can continuously push notifications to their customers about their menus, new efforts, offers, etc. If the restaurant revises its price, then that will be intimated to the customers immediately. The restaurant can plan for a special lunch menu that can also be intimated to the customer immediately. If an item is not available on a particular day, the app where such a situation is very complicated offline can be shown in the app.

Attractive Discounts:

By having In-house app, the restaurant owner can cut down the commission pay to the third-pay. From this they can charge their own price with some attractive discounts and offers to their customers. 

Reform the ordering process:

 The own application reduces the problems associated with the food delivery process. In a third-party app, there is a chance of misunderstanding between the customers and service provider in delivering the food. The customer just selects the food items in the list and payment will be transferred securely and instantly. This process reduces the probability of change of food items, money misplacement, and so on. It decreases the chances of conflicts.

Change of type of ordering:

 By having our own mobile application, we can make our ordering service flexible to our business. If the restaurant stops the delivery services too, this app can be used for in-house food reservation, table-reservation in the hotel, and so on. You may also use it to pick up party orders. Those party order kinds of businesses can be done here without meeting the persons directly.


In-house mobile applications by the name of the restaurant can lead to creating a brand. Like KFC,McDonalds,Dominos, Pizza hut, etc the restaurant can make a brand of their own. It drives the road to the next level of business like opening branches or franchisees in other cities. This makes your business a great success. It gives an iconic image to the service provider.

Customer Engagement:

Mobile applications can keep the customer engaged with your brand. You can push notifications about the updates of your marketing ideas. All the offers and discounts can be notified to the customer then and there. This achieves a great break through in the sales. Sales hike is the key improvement in the business.

From the discussed points, it is very much useful for the restaurant owners to have an in-house app to improve their sales and marketing techniques. By using this mobile application the service provider can reach each and every house of the customer. This pandemic situation also spread a redcarpet to this mobile application. So this is a trend setting situation of getting food online.

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