Protect From Wannacry Randsomware

Wannacry Ransomware is one of the biggest cyber attack ever in web which targeting PCs in many countries across the globe. Be aware about the new malware which attacking the world and try protect from hackers. Don’t know what is Wannacry Ransomware and how to protect from it? then check out below.

What is WannaCry?

It’s the name for a prolific hacking attack known as “ransomware,” that holds your computer hostage until you pay a ransom.

The attackers targeting top countries around the globe, its has been brought computer systems from Russia to China and then UK and US, which blocks entire system and demands huge pay a ransom or lose everything.

According to the reports by Cnet, So far 200,000 computers has been affected by this new malware in 150 countries. The victims for ransomware attack includes hospitals, banks, telecommunication and warehouses.

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How ransomeware infects a computer?

• Email is sent to a user’s address.

• Email is opened on a machine belonging to a target organisation’s network.

• Virus infects machine with “ransomware” – computer is locked and displays message demanding payment to restore access.

• Ransomware is spread across all machines connected to the network.

Here is some of the ways to protect from Wannacry Ransomware Hackers:

1. Make safe and secure backups

If your computer is attacked by Wannacry Ransomware and your files were encrypted. Then access for your file options is limited, so unable to access to your system files. So Recovery from backups os one of them. So it is advised to backup complete files to a external drive which completely disconnected from online network.

2. Update and patch your systems

The new malware was became success due to combination of different factors. Which includes well known dangerous hole in Microsoft Windows, subscribers who are not apply for Microsoft march software patch. Updating software will take care of most vulnerabilities.

3. Use antivirus software

One more way to protect from Wannacry attack by using Anti-virus software. Anti Virus software mostly protect system from virus attack from unwanted activities and also make sure about updating to latest version.

4. Educate your workforce

Essential convention, for example, focusing on that laborers shouldn’t tap on faulty connections or open suspicious connections can spare migraines. Framework overseers ought to guarantee that representatives don’t have superfluous access to parts of the system that aren’t basic to their work.

5. If hit, don’t ‘wait and see’

Some organisations disconnect computers as a precautionary measure. Closing down a system can keep the proceeded with encryption – and conceivable misfortune – of more records. Programmers will in some cases urge you to keep your PC on and connected to the system, yet don’t be tricked.

Here is someone found a solution for Wannacry Ransomware Malware, Contact Rani Paruchuri If you are a victim and finding for solution.

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