As technology is growing day-to-day, it is highly essential to use the latest trends in mobile app development. Mobile apps are the most emerging services in all businesses. Today’s world strengthens communication by the latest technologies that reach the target audiences. Applying the trends would result in the most exploring mobile apps by any number of users. Most mobile application developers make a lot of use of new trends in order to develop an app that becomes an example or trendsetter. This blog brings you an idea about the top 14 mobile app development trends in 2022. People can take this blog as a reference to develop trending apps. Let’s get into the technologies: 

Mobile app trends 2022

  • Artificial Intelligence and Chatbot:

Artificial Intelligence is the most emerging technology that has been implemented in recent years. It created a massive impact on new mobile app development to attract users and will upgrade to the newer version. A common example of Artificial Intelligence is voice recognition. Some mobile apps incorporate voice assistant technology that communicates with the user with some basic questions. Ex. Alex in Amazon.

Chatbots are similar technology that enables the business to answer some Frequently Asked Questions. They assure hands-free interaction with mobile applications and respond as quickly as possible. The biggest advantage of using chatbots is they will be available 24*7 to engage the customers.

  • Augmented Reality:

This is the new technology that allows the user to see the virtual objects in

real-time surroundings. This can easily be implemented in mobile applications. It is amazing to play games and explore virtual outfits using this kind of technology. Some real-time examples are add-on displays in mobile cameras with virtual outfits and accessories. 

It is the most popular technology next to Artificial Intelligence.

  • Wearable Device Applications:

Wearable device applications are the technology that can be worn by human

to get some information. This trend has been reached by more audiences by this covid-19 pandemic. Many people look forward to buying a wearable device that provides them with information about their health. One of the best examples of this is a smartwatch. Smartwatches can be wearable to the user and can get some information like the number of calories burnt from the workout. Creating applications for a smartwatch is one of the most trending mobile applications in 2022.

  • Interconnecting household things:

There are a number of household items we have in our house. We can connect all 

electronic items with the internet to control is a new trending idea. For example, we can control actions like switching on the TV, turning on lights, changing thermostat settings, etc. This is a new idea called the internet of things. The scope of this technology is 1 trillion by the year 2025.

  • Foldable Display:

Foldable displays are the next emerging technology that is going to rule the world.

Flip phones are coming back nowadays. Corporate companies like Google have already started selling their foldable mobile devices. Technologies in mobile application development should be developed in a way that suits this kind of display. 

  • 5G Technology:

5G is the next technology of internet connection. Mobile phones should be developed in such a way to adapt or run on 5G technology. If the app being developed doesn’t adopt the new technology means your app will be of no use. This 5G technology is 100 times faster than 4G technology. So, this will definitely reach a lot.

  • Hybrid Mobile App Development Framework:

For the past 10 years, the two mobile platforms being used are iOS and Android. 

These technologies become outdated and some newer frameworks like Flutter, React-Native, Kotlin-Native. These frameworks save time, finance, and work to explore common users among platforms. This is the most effective way of developing mobile apps on a common platform.

  • Beacon Technology:

Beacon Technology is the technology that ensures the user uses the mix of online 

and offline technology. This is also one of the growing technologies that will dominate the market in 2022. Beacon technology can be connected with smartphones by enabling Bluetooth. The Beacon-enabled areas can be experienced by the user. These areas include hospitals, malls, stations, and other public areas. Users entering into the areas can get notifications as Beacons send signals to the company’s app which are installed in the customer’s smartphones. In addition to the notification, the user can get the chance to receive an in-store navigation service. This technology is being used by branded stores for indoor navigation and data collections.

  • Blockchain Technology:

Today’s world becomes digitised by all means. Everything including our business,

money transfers, communications, and even currencies too. Yes! Digital currencies reached new heights in this era. Bitcoins have reached this much because of the usage of blockchain technology. This blockchain technology is the best technology after the internet so it can reach more in a short span of time. Blockchain is a technology that is a distributed and decentralised public ledger. This blockchain records all the transactions in the form of blocks. As the data is being stored in a block it brings more security and also as the information is stored in a block that is networked with other blocks. This ensures the user self- retrieves the data as this doesn’t depend on centralised devices.

  1. Biometric Authentication:

Biometric authentication is the new technology that is associated with the security of the device. This technology is being implemented with the mobile device to unlock the device. The user can have their biometric as fingerprint and face recognition. This technology provides security towards your device as well as data inside the device’s memory.

  1. Mobile Wallets:

The next technology that is going to rule mobile app development 2022 is a mobile wallet. After the covid-19 pandemic lockdown mobile commerce became one of the dominating fields. Making orders in a mobile app will be easy if they support wallet technology to do the money transfer safely and instantly. This wallet technology has reached more positive responses among users. Research data shows that it is expected to reach 13.98billion transactions using mobile wallets by 2022.

  1. Geolocation integrated Apps:

This is the most efficient technology that provides accurate data about the geolocation of the device or address given by the user. For Example, if there is an eCommerce mobile app, for door delivery options, if the app incorporated geolocation technology, that would be easier for the user to make an order to get door delivery without any confusion about the address to be reached. 

  1. Predictive Analytics:

The last but not the least trend of mobile application 2022 is this Predictive analytics. An example of this predictive analytics is, making orders on amazon may suggest some products to buy for each user differently. This kind of suggestion has a back-end calculation using AI, ML, and data mining to predict the shopping behaviour of every customer. This increases the sales of the eCommerce application in turn scaling up a brand. 


The above are the 14 trends that are the most expected and wanted technology in mobile application 2022. A mobile developer or mobile development company that refers to this blog can get an overall idea about developing a trending app to reach more audiences online.

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