Food Delivery is the emerging technique that delivers food items for the restaurant associated with the delivery team. This service becomes one of the most essential services in today’s lifestyle. The covid-19 pandemic period triggers this business to skyrocket. This service is acting as a courier between the restaurant and the customers. Restaurants need customers to spare their time to visit their shops. At the same time, many customers don’t have enough time to go to the restaurant. This service connects the two points and provides the best solution. UberEats is the most popular delivery service, whereas, some restaurant owners are not interested in paying a portion of their profit to the delivery partners. Those can develop their own food delivery channel for their customers from the best food delivery app development company

The success of Food Delivery Applications During and after Covid-19:

Food delivery is a service, though it has been started in 1995 in the US, it becomes the most essential after the covid-19 pandemic started in the nation. This service becomes essential for the customers as the service assured, a “Leave at door “ policy. The delivery partner maintains social distancing by providing the food from the restaurant. 100 people accessing the restaurant can be replaced by the 5 persons delivering 20 customers. This ensures social distancing. This makes the food delivery services the most popular and successful business model. This also benefitted the Restaurant people. In pandemic situations, that too during the lockdown, it is the biggest challenge to sell their food to the public as people won’t come out of their houses. So, restaurants can make use of the delivery partners to make their food reach their customers. 

UberEats Business Model:

UberEats acts as both a Restaurant aggregator as well as a delivery partner. 

  • UberEats uses a traditional food delivery model, displaying all the collaborated restaurants with their product images for customers. 
  • UberEats handle the entire delivery management system for the restaurants partnered with them.

This food delivery business model has the following features as key elements:

  • Advanced Search
  • Recommendations
  • Order Tracking
  • Delivery details

Key Entities of a Food Delivery App:

There are some key entities present in the Food delivery app to make it a successful delivery business. They are included in all the apps like the client or user app, the Restaurant app, and the delivery partner app. Let us see some key elements in every app individually.

Elements for the best User App:

  • The customer or user can make a quick sign-up for further login. This can be bone by providing the details like email id, mobile number, and password. 
  • The user can select any of their favorite restaurants from the lists shown on the home page.
  • From the chosen restaurant, the user can select their favorite dish.
  • The order has been made in simple clicks. Once the order has been made the order number will be allotted and delivery details will be displayed. 
  • Order tracking is also possible once the order has been confirmed.

Elements for the best Restuarant App:

  • The restaurant can sign-in in easy steps.
  • The restaurant details like the location, business hours, and contact information should be displayed.
  • The restaurant can upload all of its product images in simple steps.
  • Promo codes and referral codes have to be provided by the restaurant for their promotions.
  • Quick access to the nearest delivery person and order tracking once the delivery person picks up the order.
  • Provides seamless communication between the customer and the delivery person. 

Elements for the Delivery partner App:

The Delivery partner app should have the following features to make the app successful:

  • The delivery person should sign-in in simple steps.
  • Order approval and rejection should be done easily with options.
  • Payment tracking should be possible.
  • Updation of status should be done easily.
  • It also ensures seamless communication with the customers. 

By assuring the above key entities, the food delivery mobile application can become the most successful and reputed app like UberEats.

Making money from the food delivery app:

Making money from the food delivery app can be done in the following ways:


Food Delivery applications like UberEats signed with many popular food brands and restaurants for their promotional deals. Through this, their collaborated restaurants’ promotional banners can be displayed as the home page banners of the app. They also offer 

Social media posts, email marketing for multiple customers, and customer-facing brand campaigns to restaurants.

Commission on every order:

The restaurants signed with the food delivery partner can get a commission of up to 30% for every order from the food delivery app. This is the major source of income for the food delivery partner. 

Delivery Partner’s Charges:

The delivery partner can charge up to 25% for the delivery. This 25% of charges will be further divided into 3 parts namely, delivery fee, distance per mile fee, and pick up fee. So the delivery charges can vary on location, availability of delivery person, and distance. Some apps like UberEats further charge a “small orders fee” for orders below the particular price. This also makes some money for the delivery partner if the customer agrees to place an order with minimal charge order.


Food delivery application is the most emerging solution in today’s era. As the pandemic demands social distancing, food from restaurants to the house reduces the number of people roaming around the streets. This assures business with social distancing. This situation makes this business success than any other business all over the world.


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