Mobile applications are the absolute rulers of the present-day world. It is genuinely very difficult to live without using an app. Therefore, within a few years, these apps have become our best friends. Be it entertainment, shopping, games, or education, the demand for apps is everywhere.

However, not all apps are trustworthy and effective. This blog will tell you more about the top trending apps 2024. Undoubtedly, you will have a roller coaster ride while reading about the features of these applications. This year will be more rocking as you embrace the services of these incredible tech platforms.

Trending Apps Of 2024

Ultimate Guide Top Trending Apps

Mobile applications have various categories according to the needs of the users. Here are the top trending apps 2024 divided into these categories. Undoubtedly, the divisions and details of the apps will let you use them more efficiently.

  • Entertainment Apps

The most popular entertainment apps are:-

  1. Netflix

This app is very popular today. Furthermore, you can watch excellent shows and the latest movies on this app. Whether you speak English, Hindi, or another language, Netflix is the classic platform for enjoying your favorite programs.

  1. Disney+ Hotstar

Disney is another popular app across the globe. It ensures a great experience by streaming video on demand. Furthermore, it is one of the top trending apps 2024 for adults and kids. However, to watch all the content, users have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription. In India, it has now collaborated with Hotstar and is popular as the Disney+ Hotstar app.

  • Online Shopping Apps

Go shopping with these apps namely:-

  1. Amazon

This is a fabulous, internationally renowned app for online shopping. The users can enjoy improved selling, quick delivery of the products, and easy payment options. Moreover, there is a vast pool of products on this ecommerce site. Be it home appliances, electronic gadgets, books, or groceries, products are there for everyone. Voice Shopping is one of the latest features of this site.

  1. Letgo

It is an effortless buy-and-sell app with an advanced image recognition feature. Besides, users can get an innovative experience with geo technology, AI-based facilities, and other systems. It lets you display ads regarding the buy or sale of any good or service. However, this ad will remain listed depending on the location of the users.

  • Fitness and Health Apps

Stay healthy and fit by opting for these apps:-

  1. MyFitnessPal

This app is now trending at the Number One position among world-class health and fitness apps. Users can learn about proper exercise patterns, workout needs, a diet chart, and more. More than 350 workout steps are here.

  1. Sleep Cycle

Want to sleep peacefully? This app can count your sleep cycles and track your patterns. You can also integrate it with your iWatch.

  • Food Delivery Apps

Skip the regular meal and get food from your favorite restaurant in no time. The best apps are:-

  1. Uber eats

Get food anytime and anywhere through this best food delivery app. The tracking feature shows the progress of the order. Users have to click the restaurants and the food to place the order. Payment can be through the online app, cash, or card.

  1. Zomato

Zomato is an Indian food delivery app that is trending this year. Almost every household in India now orders from this app to satisfy their desire for restaurant food. It also offers brilliant offers and discounts on certain orders or orders from specific restaurants. However, it is not accessible in any other country.

  • Education Apps

Study more effectively with easy access and top-class features. Opt to

  1. Coursera

Among the top trending apps in 2024, Coursera should undoubtedly be present. It offers more than 11 topics and 2600 courses. Moreover, students can take affordable classes under various streams. It offers video lectures, certificates, and assignments for productive study.

  1. Brainly

This app is ideal for college and high school students. You can learn over 12 subjects with analytical experts. Students can also opt for specific language classes. They get instant solutions to all their problems. Furthermore, the solutions will be updated periodically, as and when necessary.

  • Social Media Apps

Enhance your social media presence with these apps:-

  1. Instagram

Want to become famous socially? Instagram is the best place to share your videos, pictures, or business products. It also helps hundreds of people showcase their skills and inner talents and grow businesses. Instagram is now part and parcel of life for almost every individual.

  1. Facebook

The list of the top trending apps 2024 will remain incomplete without mentioning Facebook. This social media app is like a lifeline in today’s world. From adults to kids, everyone is addicted to this fantastic platform. You can share your stories, videos, or unique content. Moreover, many people also earn money through regular posting of popular content.


This is only a small list of the top trending apps. However, this is not the end. You can have many other business apps, such as the best photo and trending apps, video conferencing apps, dating apps, etc. So, pick which app is suitable for an easy lifestyle. Most of them are downloadable from the Google Play store or Apple Store. Get on with a new life today.

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