People prefer staying in their comfort zone. So, they are choosing online food delivery services instead of going to the restaurant. Hold this opportunity and increase customers to your existing customer list and provide them a broad range of restaurants with limitless cookery and pliability to make payment with our praiseworthy swiggy clone app. To introduce competence in your business, and enable faster restaurant access and 24/7 food delivery support with our swiggy clone app.

What is a swiggy clone?

Swiggy clone is a readymade online food ordering and delivery solution that allows customers to choose and order from their favorite restaurants. It can be white-labeled, twisting the branding components like logo, color scheme, and more. Strengthen the overall business performance, shortening manual labor and automating many functions with a swiggy clone. customizing a white-labeled solution assists you in launching your food delivery business venture immediately, as well as saving time and money particularly. The latest application to be a part of the successful business trend.

Why swiggy clone script?

The online food delivery business is developing every day. Above 30%of restaurant orders are through a digital form. Restaurant owners and food delivery startups are attracted by this demand in the food delivery business. Keep this in mind and we have expanded the swiggy clone script to encounter the demand and needs of companies and startups.

Swiggy is one of the best food delivery companies and works with the top business module that fit every startup and entrepreneur. Swiggy clone script enables you to begin your food ordering and delivery business immediately. 

How does the Swiggy clone script work?

Swiggy clone script follows an online operation that eliminates human errors, so that, the delivery business gets easier. With the online platform, proper services are provided to the customers by the restaurants. The whole process is easy to accept, producing the best results for the business. 

  • The app can be downloaded and registered by the customers. Then they order their favorite food from their preferred restaurants.
  • Restaurants receive the order details and prepare the food and place a delivery request for order pickup.
  • The delivery driver accepts the requests and picks ups the food from the restaurants.
  • Finally, the order is delivered to the customer’s location at the expected time.

Why choose us for Swiggy clone app development?

Enhance your online food delivery services with our app-model support.

  • Free service installation:

We install our script to your server free of cost after the purchase is completed. we help you to make your script live, in a short time.

  • Free app submission:

We submit the apps that you have purchased from us. We are giving support for the submission of iOS apps in the App Store and Android apps in the play store.

  • Free Bug Support:

We work to deliver top-quality bug-free products consistently.  If any bugs are detected, we are working on them free of cost within the support period.  Else, we will add it in our near future updates.

  • On-time support:

We are always supporting you in all types of communication channels.

  • 100% source code:

You will be afforded full source code, based on the package selection. It assists to change the script for attracting your customers.

  • Native iOS & Android apps:

Our specialists designed all the features of the app for native languages of iOS and Android to offer a lightweight script.

  • Support after app rejection:

Even after the purchase is completed, we always support you. If any rejection happens after app submission, we accept.

  • Free technical support:

Our team of experts helps you to register the accounts on any 3rd party sites such as SMS, Gateway, Payment Gateway, Server, etc.

  • Free white labeling:

Having your company name and logo is very important everywhere. You can eliminate our name and logo everywhere visible in the admin panel and replace them with yours.

Features of Swiggy clone app:

Customer App:

The app is used by the customers to get their food at their doorsteps and by businesses to enlarge their business reach and increase their ROI. So that, we ensure that it entails all the needs, highly functional, and accessible features, while we develop an app like swiggy. So that, it is used for each user’s purpose.

  • Customer login:
      • Allowing users to log in using their social media platforms directly by following a few steps, the app is connected with the social platforms.
  • Track nearby restaurants:
      • This feature allows users to track restaurants located nearby their saved address or location.
  • Restaurant Profile:
      • It contains the name, location, and menu along with a rate chart and respective pictures, reviews, and many more of any selected restaurant.
  • Search items:
      • It enables users to view the types of cuisines within the app and choose their favorite food from the available options.
  • Real-time tracking:
      • It permits users to track their orders live so that the waiting time becomes stressless.
  • Multi-payment options:
    • Secured multiple payment portal integrations allow users to begin online payment for the orders easily and conveniently.

Restaurant App:

This app feature is very helpful for the restaurants to reach and provide more customers at the same time, track/control delivery drivers, view their order history, and achieve a variety of restaurant management tasks. With our experts, make amazing functionality into an app.

  • Profile Creation:

With this feature, restaurant owners create their profiles along with videos and images.

  • Manage complete business data:

This feature allows restaurant owners to manage their business info like working hours, contact details, and location.

  • Manage menu:

Add, remove or update cuisines or food items from the main menu instantly using this feature. The prices can be updated when needed.

  • Order Notification:

The restaurant owner gets notifications for new, upcoming, or canceled orders using these features.

  • Manage orders:

Using this feature, the order can be accepted or rejected depending on the working hours, cooking time, and availability of the chefs or staff.

  • Customer details:

Restaurant owners can know about the service seekers and their location, using this feature.

Delivery Driver:

We make delivery tasks comfortable for the delivery driver with our highly developed code. So that, the delivery driver can deliver the order as quickly as possible. 

  • Flexible login hours:

As per his preference, the driver can work for many hours as he wants and go off-line, when he doesn’t want to work for respective days.

  • Profile creation:

The driver can create his profile with his name, address, experience, etc., and can upload all his requested documents and essentials.

  • One-tap call to customers:

With this feature, the driver can directly contact the customer when required.

  • Geo-Location:

This feature navigates the driver from the pick-up location to the customer’s delivery address.

  • Order list:

The driver can view the order details and check his earnings.

  • Chat system:

This feature allows the delivery driver to chat with both customers and restaurant owners.

Admin panel:

This app permits the admin to observe the activities of the app users, activate/update plugins, add widgets, make and manage the contents, change themes, and execute many other business-related activities. We have provided the admin dashboard with top-class features.

  • Manage requests of users:

As a master of the app, the admin can view the restaurants’ accounts, and the delivery driver and view their received feedback based on which he can accept or reject their service request.

  • Admin dashboard:

It is very helpful for the admin. When he is in his absence, multiple sub-admins who are assigned by the admin can handle the business.

  • Customer management:

Admin can add/ remove the customer’s profile using the admin dashboard. And examine the customer’s behavior via the app easily.

  • Restaurant management:

The admin can observe and manage the restaurants directly and add/ remove the restaurants based on the performance of the restaurant, using the admin panel.

  • Delivery driver management:

Using the admin dashboard, the admin can update the driver’s details, verify their license, and other documents and perform other functionalities.

  • Order management:

This feature shows every order delivered/canceled/scheduled details commenced within the app.

Our Swiggy clone app development process:

Smarther is delivering customed and high-quality products through the development process. Our development process is given below.

  1. Gathering requirements: Every client has various requirements and ideas. They want to convert their ideas into a web or app. So we will collect their requirements first.
  2. Analyze the requirement: We will analyze your requirement and estimate delivery cost and time.
  3. UI/UX design: Our experts will create UI/UX design of an app or web that will be user-friendly and creates a long-lasting impression on the client.
  4. App and web development: Once finish and get confirmation from the clients, we develop a feature-rich mobile app and website that work on all mobile devices and browsers.
  5. Testing and launching: Our Quality Assurance(QA) team will test the mobile app and website, by following each testing method. Then finally launch on app stores.

Additional features of our Swiggy clone app:

The main goal of developing a food delivery app is to hold existing customers and attracts new customers. For this, We have additional features that could be added later. This will help you not to get popularity but to gain customers’ confidence.

  • Loyalty Program: For starting the loyalty, rewards can be offered to the users via these features like membership options, discounts, referral programs for motivating users to continue using the app, etc.
  • Social media sharing: It allows customers to connect the app with their social media profiles for sharing photos of the food delivered and the quality of received services.
  • SaaS-based app: It is not important to place the order with the same device, as they order using another device that has an internet connection, with this feature.  
  • AI-based chatbot: The users can obtain real-time support on pre-stored data whenever needed despite the time and the day in the form of voice commands, text messages, or both.
  • Multiple languages: The larger amount of users can be reached all over the world. So that, using this feature, you can choose the preferred language with ease.
  • Multiple currencies: You can expand your online business worldwide using this feature. When services can be purchased in the local currencies by the users, they will use the app more.
  • Promo and coupons: Offering various promotions and coupon codes to increase your business traction.
  • Scanning QR code: Customers can order in the restaurants by scanning QR codes on the table, searching the menu online, and picking their favorite items. They can also make an online payment, ensuring social distancing in restaurants.
  • Reserve restaurant table: Customers can register a table in their favorite hotel, the select period they want, and opt for convenient table details. After this, they can also order the food if they want and make an online payment.
  • Dispatch by admin: Admin can dispatch orders from the panel, assigning the delivery man. The admin can assign the delivery when a store gets busy, or their apps or panel is not working properly.
  • Review and ratings: Allowing your users to express their experience about the order and service through the rating and review option.

Payment gateway offered: 

Your customers can feel free and use the easy and convenient mode of payment, with multiple payment options. You have multiple payment options like Google pay, Paytm PayPal, Stripe, etc. Hence, Provide your app with all these payment options. 

Our additional Covid-19 safety features:

By providing these features, we ensure the safety of stakeholders involved- customers, restaurants, and delivery men. These features will enable the users to order their favorite food without any covid-19 fear and hold the customers long-lasting.

  • Contactless delivery : As the food items can be delivered in a safe, sanitized place near the user’s home, we can remove even the low probability of contracting the feared virus. This way, the contact between the customers and delivery men is stopped.
  • Photo/video sharing: Users will immediately be notified with an image/video clip of the location where the ordered food is dropped. So that, we can make the entire ordering and delivery process a believed process without compromising the safety of the customer.
  • Disabling COD: Due to the covid being a spreading virus, Business owners can disable the COD option in the covid area. so that, the customers can pay through the digital payment method.
  • High-touch surface guide: Provide the information about the disinfection and sanitization process of hidden risk points like food containers, cover handles, complementary spoons, etc through the app to your customers.
  • Masks/gloves verification: Express your dedication to the safety of your customers by making the wearing of gloves and masks mandatory. This way, the delivery men have to wear safety gear and upload a selfie. After the verification, authenticate them to receive the delivery requests.
  • Safety ratings: Users can award ratings and write short reviews about the delivery drivers and respective restaurants based on their following of safety precautions and protocols suggested by the health authorities.
  • Knowledge banners: The swiggy clone script can be allowed with an exclusive banner section representing various guidelines, preventive measures, and best practices to protect oneself from the pandemic. This way, your recognition of the health of your users is revealed.
  • Take away: If customers are not attracted by the option of getting their order delivered at their doorsteps by delivery executives, such customers are granted the ability to order online and can collect the item themselves.

Who can use our swiggy clone app for their business?

  • Single restaurants:

Get into the profitable online space and tap the unexplored markets due to conventional constraints. With a perfect package of superlative websites, iOS, and Android apps, optimizing a massive user base in the online food ordering system.

  • Food marketplace:

It become the giant of the food delivery industry by combining profit from multiple streams – all through encouraging unrestricted online ordering, delivery, and tracking functionality. A business platform with huge demand and a constant customer base.

  • Food joint chains:

It covers the perks and offerings of multiple restaurants in a single touchpoint that will clear the way for increasing your business operations and strengthening customer loyalty. It is the best complement to the physical food joint chains.

Our Swiggy clone app package:

Our food delivery app package contains white-labeled solutions for every partner in the business ecosystem, ensuring everyone is well-connected. These apps are suitable for all personal digital assistants, allowing users to access them with comfort.

  • Customer iOS app
  • Restaurant iOS app
  • Delivery driver iOS app
  • Customer Android app
  • Restaurant Android app
  • Delivery driver Android app
  • Main website
  • Customer web panel
  • Restaurant web panel
  • Delivery driver panel
  • Billing panel
  • Dispatcher panel
  • Admin panel

Our technology strength:

We offer extensive retinue of food delivery app development services that are commercially applicable and technically excellent, with the support of every industry competence and wide-ranging technology knowledge. We are making the first-class swiggy clone script that is fast,  compact, and can be easily maintained using the latest technologies such as Node.JS, Angular, React, and many more. The below technologies are used,

  • Flutter
  • React Native
  • Kotlin
  • PWA
  • Swift
  • Java
  • Ionic 
  • Firebase
  • Backbone.JS
  • Anular.JS
  • Node.JS
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Google Cloud
  • Amazon AWS

why choose our white-label swiggy clone app?

staying away from aggressive competition is crucial to staying on top of business throughout your operations. Our app like swiggy ensures the same, offering a whole lot of perks. Take a view of them below.

  • End-to-end customizable: anything and everything can be altered.
  • Available on both iOS and android
  • custom-made for a unique online food ordering system
  • A centralized admin panel smoothing effortless management of the swiggy clone
  • Overall prebuilt and highly scalable solution
  • Faster execution
  • The latest tech support
  • Scalable Solution Stack
  • flawless track record with a 100% business success rate
  • 360-degree support from idea to post-deployment.

Solutions that we offer with our swiggy clone app

  • Strong Admin Dashboard

The entire control of your websites and mobile apps is easily available in your admin dashboard. You can send messages to your apps and everything. 

  • Scalable Product

We give you the most scalable robust products in each category.

  • Whitelabel solution

Whatever brand you want can use our Whitelabel solutions.

  • Cost effective

Swiggy extends your runway because it is the most feature-rich solution in its category and costs are low.

  • Native Mobile apps

We built our iOS and Android apps natively so that they perform with the best user experience on respective platforms

Impressive features of the Swiggy clone app:

  1. Contactless delivery:

It ensures contactless delivery. Once the delivery man reaches the customer’s location, he waits for the customer until they get the order and both maintain hygiene and distance while delivering. Customers pay online for their orders to maintain distance.  

  1. Notification of pickup confirmation:

Once the delivery person picks up the order form restaurant, he sends a pickup notification to the customer, so that the customer track the order status and the admin also monitor the status. From the delivery app solution, the delivery man uploads the pickup confirmation.

  1. Customization of order and confirmation:

Stores can send confirmation notifications about the availability of placed order items to the customer who place the order. Once the customer confirms the order, they prepare the changed order and deliver it.

  1. Set subcategories and categories:    

Restaurants can select to offer a separate experience to customers using the divided menu. They can set various categories of items and also divide them into subcategories later. It assists the customer in delivering support for efficient sorting and filtering of the items.

  1. Make a conversation with changed language:

Admin can select to change the app language using the admin panel and choose one from the saved language. When customers want to interact and use the app in their preferred language, they can ensure the best experience is delivered. Admin can update the app language from their dedicated admin panel.

  1. Authorize manual deliveries:

Stores can add and assign manual delivery using their dedicated app solution and store panel, starting faster deliveries. The manual deliveries of orders initiate a faster delivery system for stores that want to manage their deliveries independently. A food delivery store can satisfy customer expectations.


An app requires more research and creative ideas for development. For creating a Swiggy clone app, you need to be innovative and unique. Users should not be confused with your services that are exactly similar to the swiggy. As an app to promote your business in the future, develop an app that also saves your customer’s precise time. When your app competes with other top apps, then your app development can be guided by experts like Smarther. We help you to develop apps as you want.