Mobile App Idea

Don’t worry if your app idea is already in app store. There are more than 4 million apps in the Google Play Store and more than 2 million apps in Apple’s App Store? So there is a lot of chances that your app idea already exists.

1.Type of App and its Features

Before getting into app development , finalise your app on which basis it should be developed. i.e.. music app, picture app, gaming app or puzzle app. If it is puzzle app what kind of puzzle should your game offer to the users and what are the important features that your app has which doesn’t have by the existing apps.

This is a common strategy used by gaming apps. Out of the 2 million apps in the App Store, approximately 444K (24%) are gaming apps. Because the gaming market is extremely competitive, the few who succeed tend to have smarter marketing strategies than their competitors.

Selecting the category of your app plays the key role in app development. As I said earlier there are millions of app in the play store so there is chance of getting a similar app of your idea is possible.


Once you decided about your app go to Google’s play store and Apple’s app store and start searching the similar app by using your apps keyword.

Keyword plays an major role in app development. Select a keyword that matches your apps name and description to enhance your apps search volume.

Once you found your competitor apps , download and install it. Examining app should be done from downloading time , installation process , usage and its background functionalities. Compare your app’s user interface and competitor’s interface, if your app has poor interface try to overcome it. Because 70%  of apps getting rejected due to poor UI.


Read the competitor reviews given by the users and measure what are the things to be done to overcome these in your apps. Negative feedbacks of the competitor apps are the real strength of us. If both apps are nearly similar to each other then those negative feedbacks can be reduced or entirely avoided in your apps.

4.Do not follow Existing app Features

If you are planning to drop your app idea just because “someone has already done it before”, get over such mentality. Did you know that some of the most successful apps in the app stores were built among the strongest competition? Remember, your mobile app may have several advantages over your competitors apps. You will never realize the chances of winning unless you try.

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