Mobile App Future

There is no doubt that the future of mobile app development would be definitely bright in the upcoming years. Mobile Application Development is an ever changing industry that emerge with a lot of new trends in every year.

The number of apps in both, Android & iOS are rapidly rising, consequently causing a very tough competition in smartphone application development. The users always expect something very unique in mobile apps with better features and functionality.

To meet the expectation of users, the developers need to be more attentive towards the current mobile application development trends and technology. Here, i am listing some major trends that will affect the future of mobile application development.

  • High security
  • Cloud based development
  • Better user experience
  • Google App Indexing
  • HTML 5 development
  • Increasing demand of enterprise apps

Future trends in mobile apps development

1. Mobile apps developers focus more on security issues in their apps.

2. Developers focus more on enterprise mobile apps, because profit comes more from it.

3. Developers host their mobile apps in the cloud.

4. Mobile apps development related to IOT will happen.

5. Mobile apps development related to Wearable will happen.

6. Developers will include more animations in their apps which lead to better user experience.

7. Swift – The brand new programming language by apple is a safe, fast and interactive.

8. By 2017 over 268 billion mobile apps downloads and $77 billion revenue will be generated.

9. Developers will integrate the Beacons and location-based Wi-Fi services in the application along with App Store Optimization (ASO) for efficient marketing of the mobile apps.

10. Cross platform tools will emerge rapidly and reduce the time of developing applications and will increase the overall performance.

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