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An Average 2371 apps are published each and every day, in which Android has 47%, iOS -41%. It is so easy that your app can get lost in the competition, if your are using  mobile app for your business and you must need to understand the ways of marketing your app. This can be done with ASO – App Store Optimization. 

Understand the need of App Store Optimization

App Stores has ranking factors as such of Google’s ranking factor that list your websites for specific keyword in search list. Optimize your app and make your app list in higher rankings in search results of appstore.

If you don’t concentrate in ASO your app will be somewhere else and know one will come know about it.

Make a look at the below points how people search for apps

  1. According to an survey conducted by an European Technographics Consumer Tech, around 63% all apps that are downloaded and are used found by searching with the relevant keywords.
  2. All the updated and latest apps are downloaded by browsing App Stores.

TIP #1 Understand your target customer

A good ASO strategy understands the usage of apps by their customers along with  the competition.

Keep the following questions in mind while developing your apps

  • Choose the preferred language for your target customers
  • How should they describe you app
  • Reason for using and downloading your app
  • Keywords that i have to target
  • Keyword strength whether to focus high volume keywords or low volume keywords.(Do keyword research)

You have to focus mainly on your competitor to focus the perfect keyword for your app.

TIP #2 Select the right app Name

Using an Unique name for your mobile app is just a way of making your brand popular. To get good results with ASO, optimize your app with more relevant keywords with your title this helps in improving search results. All the top ranking apps are found with relevant keywords in their title.

Your title can have 255 characters allowing targeted keywords, but don’t use this character length to stuff your keywords. Keep your app name in first followed by your focus keywords. Since you can use 255 character but only 23 characters will be displayed on search results.

Use user-friendly characters in title. Avoid using special characters this leads to negative approach.

TIP #3 Maximize all your keywords

When it comes to ASO the App Store and Google play store has different approaches.


It works more similar in the way of modern Search engine optimization (SEO). Google fetch and index all your keywords in title,description to extract the most relevant keyword. Try to sprinkle your keywords to make sense.  Each and every thing that is present in your app should be an user friendly and it should be optimized in a way for customers and not for Google. It ranks your app by focusing both your keywords and your conversion metrics.


App store allows character field to around 100 characters.Targeted and focus keywords can be used in the character field. You can make use of this field to optimize your keywords and can increase your organic traffic.

TIP #4 Create a powerful description

Your app’s description should be made for customers not for search engines. It should be in the form of call to action that helps user for easy understanding. List your features, use precise language and make your readers to download it.

Try to convey your main and key objectives of your app in first three lines of the description and crab yours attention. Make them to understand in a easy way that what your app does. Treat all your app pages, descriptions as a living document. Each time while submitting an update make changes with your description and screenshots to get more improvements.

TIP #5 Use an Unique icon

Customer are used to browse endless apps and your app icon should make and first and good impression. While designing your app’s icon it is more important to note that both Google Play and app store vary in rendering of, app icons and in approaching ways. Both have standards in color scheme, geometry, ideal size and in much more things…

APP icon size

iOS icons – 1024*1024

Android icons -512*512

Regardless of the OS, your icon should be clear and it should convey the things that your apps does since visuals sounds more rather than text. Don’t complicate your app icon with unwanted words, logos.

Get an idea by browsing the top rated apps, you can come to see, unique shapes, bright and attractive colors and the apps aim. Make a little research before selecting your app logo whether it matches with your competitors.

TIP #6 Add screenshots and videos

As such of icons screenshots are also don’t have direct effect over search engines but they helps in increasing downloading rates. Images conveys more about an app, allowing your users to make clear about your app.

iOS – 5 screenshots

Android – 8 screenshots

Make screenshots that helps in conveying about your apps usage make more effort on it and it should be in a way to increase downloading rates. Your screenshot should lies in apps latest updates, features and make users to spend more time on it.

TIP #7 Localize your application listing

When focusing on Global Market , “one size fits all” won’t work. According to an survey only around 31% of the apps revenue is generated from US consumers and the rest is of from outside english speaking countries. Now people are preferring their native language to shop even if they know english. Make your app suitable for your target customers and make them a segment.

There are ‘n’ number of solutions that helps in localization services in translating your apps title,keywords, descriptions and screenshots to the preferred languages based upon your segment of audiences. Both Google play store and iTune app store localize your listing across different countries. Since your app will be in customer preferred language it results in more visibility and downloads.

TIP #8 Increase your apps traffic with promotions

ON Page optimization is just one tool in optimizing your app.  More traffic results in good rankings. To drive traffic to your app create an online presence with social medias, reviews, contents, soliciting press and investing over online advertising.

App indexing helps in driving traffic to your app. App indexing is a process of making iOS and Android app contents searchable and linkable over web and mobile search. Users those who see your indexed pages on search results will click on the specified links and can be landed into the exact page of your app. App indexing gains about 40% of the search results.

TIP #9 Improve ratings and feedbacks

High ratings and reviews gives your app a positive flow of validation for the users. Apps that have more ratings are those keeping their valid customers engaged. Ratings gives customers a satisfaction view for using or downloading your apps.

TIP #10 Update your app frequently

Customers are looking for apps that improves constantly, with frequent updates based upon the user’s feedback. Frequently updated apps are seen both by the apps stores and by the customers. App updates results on getting more reviews for its updated versions.

Updating your app is only a 50 % work and the remaining is making your customers to download it.

Make use of the following strategies

  1. Tempt your customers to your app- make a push notification,update link and display in main page, notify them with your new update, show them your improvements and new features
  2. Update your app description –  Update your app’s description with your new features facility and with call to action words.
  3. Try to maintain five-star review- Users intention will be checking the reviews of the app before using or downloading so always try to maintain 5 star reviews and this helps in more downloads.

Top ranked apps have their updates at an average of 30 to 40 days. Frequent updating has higher rankings. 

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