Nowadays, people are busy with their work and lives and search for an easy way to perform their regular home tasks. This situation has raised the use of a mobile app that links both the customers and the skilled service providers. This app provides quick services for its users and unemployed handyman make use of this app and make revenue with their skills. TaskRabbit is one such on-demand app that helps users to do their needed service by a skilled serviceman for everyday work.

What is TaskRabbit Application?

TaskRabbit is a US-based marketplace app that connects local service providers with the people who need help with their household services. The app offers services like furniture assembly, cleaning, home delivery, mounting, and furniture shifting. It is one of the famous home service apps and has a powerful footprint in the USA, the UK, and Canadian cities. It takes the full responsibility of finding efficient taskers to deal with your routine tasks.

How is TaskRabbit recognized as a two-sided Marketplace app?

Users of TaskRabbit are divided into two segments.

  • Task Posters:

People post the job that they want in the app, and TaskRabbit will suggest a suitable tasker. They can pay through the app after the job is done.

  1. Task Doers:

People who have the skills to complete the assigned task and earn money are called Task Doers. You can register at TaskRabbit by filling out the application and creating a profile. They need to confirm your profile, clear background check, and get job suggestions according to your skills.

How On-demand Service app like TaskRabbit works?

You can do nothing after hiring committed and trustworthy TaskRabbit taskers to complete daily tasks. The app works in the following steps.

  • Choose or Post Task: You can choose the task from the listed tasks in the app or post the task to request a tasker.
  • Tasker Suggestion: The TaskRabbit app will suggest effective workers for the job from nearby locations. You can appoint them for the same day or your scheduled time.
  • Manage Tasker: You can check for feedback on the suggested tasker list and choose the suitable one for your job. Users can chat with them and get details of arrival times and tools.
  • Payments: After the task has been completed, users can pay through the app and rate the tasker to increase their visibility and help other users to choose them.

Features of Home service apps like TaskRabbit:

  • Sign up/Log in: You need to have a secure and easy registration process for the users. It helps users to post jobs, book taskers, make payments and check for services. 
  • Tasker Login: It enables the taskers to bid for a job. The app should have a tasker registration option. It helps users to convert as taskers and find a suitable jobs and make revenue. 
  • Task Search: The home service app should have an option for the optimized task search. It will reduce the time for the user to find the details of the service and increase the user retention rate.
  • Payments: The app having multiple secured payment options is more convenient for the user..
  • Notifications: The engagement of the user will be increased by the push notification feature of any mobile app. It sends alerts about the availability of taskers, task post, offers, and discounts.
  • Reviews: The reviews from customers will help the taskers to improve their services and earn more money. Before hiring task doers, it will also help them according to the customer’s interest.
  • Chat with taskers: It creates communication between the task doers and task posters. The user gets the details of timings, guide location, and more with the help of this feature.
  • Booking history: With the help of this feature, users can search for their previous bookings, payments, and service agents. They can choose their favorite tasks and tasker when they need them again for the next time.
  • Invoice Generator: Invoices are generated and sent by the app to the user through emails or text messages. It offers information such as discounts, service charges, and taxes, and increases the customer’s transparency.
  • Contact Support: To increase the scalability of the app by having a good relationship with customers. You need to be available 24/7 to answer the users. To help the user, you may implement virtual bots or add an FAQs section.
  • Tracking Service: It allows the user to track trackers and know the task status. When the user chooses the scheduled task, it will be helpful.

To make revenue with the best home service apps like TaskRabbit?

  • Service Charges: Commission of the services is the main revenue of the home service app. You can take a commission for the user based on the tasks, location, and late hours.
  • Peak Pricing: You can increase the popular service’s price which will increase your revenue. When there is a high demand for home services during the special seasons, it will very helpful. 
  • Advertisement: The secondary revenue source of the app is the in-app advertisements of local businesses. By posting third-party ads in the app, businesses can gain from them.

Tech stack for app development like TaskRabbit:

You can use the correct combinations of tools and technologies to develop a profitable home service app.

Programming languages: JavaScript, Objective-C, Node.js, CoffeeScript, Ruby(Android & iOS).

Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis.

Web Server: NGINX, Linode, Unicorn.

Cloud Storage: Google Cloud, Linode, Dropbox.

Push Notifications: Twillo, firebase.

Utilities: Google Analytics, Amazon CloudFront.

Real-time Analytics: Google Analytics.

Push Notifications: Twillo, Sendgrid.

DevOps: New Relic, Solano CI.

Development cost of app like TaskRabbit:

The costing part of an app like TaskRabbit can be around $15000 to $30000 and it completely depends on the OS platform. The estimated cost of an app is also based on a few factors.

  • App platform: 

An app built on an android takes more cost compared to an app built on iOS because of compatibility. But investing in cross-platform app development saves your money and helps you to reach more target users.

  • UI/UX design:

An attractive UI(User Interface) traverse them through the app and improves their experience. To increase the user retention rate, the easy-to-use and understandable UI will be very helpful.

  • Features list: 

A home service app with a basic feature will cost around $15000 to $25000. But, the cost will exceed $40000 to create full-fledged and a user-engaging app with advanced features. However, you should focus on customer satisfaction, not on the final development cost. 

  • Team size: 

To build a flawless mobile app, you should have an efficient app development team. You need to hire a new worker that will increase the development cost. So, you should choose a skilled development team to build a feature-rich app within the time.


The home service app does everything that we want at our fingertips. The on-demand Android and iOS apps are developing and expanding using advanced resources and technologies. Hire a customized mobile app development company like Smarther to build a creative home service app with your ideas.


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