Gen Z is the generation born between 1997 and 2012 and is the future of the global economy. The highly involved with tech and modern mobile app users are potential consumers for new ideas.

Internet and mobile apps are essential for the Gen Z audience in 2024. Starting a new app-based business by targeting Genz is a great idea. Based on the current trends and user mentality, we have listed some popular startup ideas to build with mobile apps.

5 Mobile App Startup Ideas to Target Gen Z Audience

App Startup Idea for Gen Z

AI-powered personalized shopping assistant

Commercial E-commerce mobile apps and websites have reached to certain saturation for new-gen audiences. To make the shopping experience better and innovative, integrating AI technology is a game changer.

With the help of Generative AI technology and the help of text or voice-based prompts to display the list of products will engage the audience. With the optimization of user interest and app interaction, the shopping experience is made better by feeding the required products.

Gamified micro-learning app

Let’s make learning easy with the help of gamified content for Gen Z students. With the help of a mobile app learning can be made interesting and engaging with AI technology.

Cater content is likable to mass audiences of the same age group which desire self-improvement and instant gratification. Making a quiz-based content or video explainer will make learning interesting.

Features like rewarding coins for successful completion and creating a Leaderboard for top students will help them to focus and learn better.

Hyperlocal event discovery and planning app

Involving in Events, Workshops, Concerts, and Parties is increasing among Gen Z audiences. Creating a customized hyperlocal event discovery and planning app is an innovative idea for a startup.

Target a specific niche of audience and curate events listing based on them. Connect nearby audiences through the app by listing details to book tickets. Develop a social media-based feed to engage Gen Z registers by making them post photos and videos.

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Skill-sharing and gig economy platform

Showcasing talent and making money out of it is a new trend in social media. Developing a specific platform for it will help connect the creator and the needy for service. Gig-based jobs for Gen Z are a good idea for startups.

Connecting like-minded people to showcase talent and display portfolios to gain opportunities for micro works. The freelance job market is immense and Gen Z audiences are looking often to make extra money by doing gig work.

Hyper-personalized content platform

The usage of social media by the Gen Z population is immense. According to the reports, on average nearly 5 to 6 hours of mobile screen time is recorded among Gen Z. Social media is considered as the highest consumption of screen time.

Creating a customized and innovative Content platform with a mobile app is a game-changing idea for a startup. Find unique ideas like TikTok, Tinder, and Snapchat and launch it among Genz. Audiences looking for new and innovative ways to get entertained in digital media.


In conclusion, the above-mentioned are some of the popular ideas that can work out for a startup using a mobile app by targeting a Gen Z audience. There are endless opportunities available to solve day-to-day demands. If you’re looking for an App development company for your startup idea, then feel free to contact Smarter. We are a leading app development company based out of India.

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