In this modern era, mobile applications have become an essential part of our life and Android has become the most dominant platform throughout the world. Corporate businesses are trying to hold a grip on the Android ecosystem, the urge of demand for skilled Android application developers has grown rapidly. However, various other factors are at play in determining the salary of Android app developers in the hiring process.

Cost of Hiring Android App Developer

Components influencing the cost of Android Developer


Location is one of the most important aspects which affects the cost in the hiring process of an Android app developer. The rates of developers may vary significantly based upon their country or region from where they are going to work. Developed countries like the United States, Canada, and Western Europe may ask for higher salaries due to the higher cost of living and market demand for their developers.

On the other hand, developers from countries such as India, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia require a lower rate of salary when compared to developed countries due to low cost of living. Based on the budget and requirements the developers will be selected accordingly from different locations.

Level of Experience

The salary of an Android app developer depends upon the years of experience that they hold. Junior developers who possess 1 to 3 years of experience demand less salary compared to Mid-level and senior developers.

This is because of their advanced level of skills and successful completion of various projects. Most developers with a high level of experience demand a high salary due to their expertise in the field, on-time delivery, and solutions to the problems they are facing with a high level of quality. Whereas Junior developers need to prove themselves to reach this level and sustain in the market.

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Complexity of Project

Another critical element that determines the salary of an Android developer in the hiring process is the Complexity of the Android app project. Simple apps like Alarm and notification apps don’t require much complexity so obviously the budget of the project will be less and so the salary will be also less.

App projects with more complexity which involve APIs, QA, Advertising, more storage, and Graphics will have high budgets and salaries.

Application Design

The most important element of creating an Android application is determined by the application design. The hiring process for hiring an app developer who has a vast knowledge of creating wireframes, mock-up designs, and UI designs will cost separately apart from developing an Android app. In this case, it also has an advantage, rather than splitting up the tasks we are going to have all in one hand by the developer.

Development Timeline

The salary of a Mobile app development is sometimes determined by the development timeline. Suppose a project needs to be started immediately or a change in project deadline may cost the app developer extra.

This is because to start a project immediately the development team needs to change their plan for other projects. Similarly, Suppose the project deadline is reduced, the developer needs to work rapidly to complete it as scheduled and needs to put extra hours into effect.

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Free-lance vs Agency

The cost of developers may vary based on the selection of developers. Free-lance developer’s salaries are very low when compared to agencies because freelancers don’t have much equipment and enough resources to support themselves.

On the other hand, Agencies have much more advanced technologies and resources, so the agencies demand a higher salary. Based on the project budget and requirements businesses choose the developers. Sometimes even Agencies may require help from Freelancers due to a lack of developers.

Testing and Maintenance

Before releasing the App into the market, it needs to be tested perfectly, so the development team needs to hire a testing team which may cost extra for the business team. Even after releasing the app, it needs to be maintained for which the development team needs an app support team.

Language and Communication

For a successful completion of a project, language and communication plays a vital role. Because proper communication between the developer and business leads to a successful project. Hence, it’s always important that communication plays a vital role in the salary and hiring process.


Above are the factors which are majorly involved in deciding the salary during the hiring process. So, when hiring a developer, it’s essential to find the right person who can balance both the quality and cost of building an Android application that meets all the business criteria and personal needs.

Before hiring an Android developer, it’s very important to do a complete background check of their portfolio, experience, communication skills, and achievements.

Because hiring shouldn’t be done blindly, it might lead to misunderstanding and unwanted loss to the project. It’s always good to hire a developer through proper interview and background checks.

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