Nowadays, starting your own business can be easy and affordable. E-commerce sales have been growing day by day. Online shopping is very expensive. If you are a new e-commerce business owner, it is not easy to reach these customers. you must consider all the aspects of your website and online store, but it is challenging where to focus. E-commerce website design is a good place to begin. It must be easy for the customer to use and attract them. Finally, it is smoother for them to buy.

Effective e-commerce web design:

For more type of reasons, successful e-commerce website designs work well. They share a focus on ease of use, to start with. 

  • User experience
  • Cross-platform adaptability
  • Site layout and visual design

The most effective e-commerce website designs are easy to understand, clear, and easy to use. And the main step is its clutter-free design.

Some tips are given below for e-commerce web design:

Tip 1: Keep it Simple

If you are eager to add more interactive features or graphics to a website, these can submerge your customers and drive them away. Simple is always better for e-commerce website design. People don’t want to tap through 5 pages with a million popups or search for a nonexistent navigation menu. It is resulting that to lost customers and also to lost sales.

Proceed with your design as the user. Would you get frustrated navigating your site? Can you find everything you need within 2 clicks? Are buttons and menus marked? You should keep all these queries in your mind when designing your site.

Other elements of simple design contain:

  • Easily scannable content
  • Simple and clear font
  • Combined color schemes
  • Recognizable navigation elements
  • Easily navigable product categories

Display your customer about your product, its description and how can they make a purchase.

Tip 2: Use colors and images on your website to your benefit

Showcase your products using large, high-quality images that highlight a simple web design. This means it speaks about your product. They keep the customer’s attention and make them want to know more and buy.

From many angles, customers want to see and want to know more about the product before they buy. So, professional images of your products make trust. Color psychology in your e-commerce website design also stimulates your customer to buy. From the color of the background to the button, shade color can make the conversion. 

Some important colors provoke emotion in people, whether they know about it or not. In some cultures, blue is increasing the trust feeling. Red shows energy, passion, and danger. Color can also suggest the quality and features of your brand.

Tone: Think about what you imagine as your brand’s tone.`


Value: To convey luxury, colors like sleek blacks and shiny golds can be used.

Period: Some colors convey quality or a modern feel.

When combine of images and colors is used as part of your e-commerce website design, both inspire emotion and encourage a person to take action.  

Tip 3: Optimize your site for mobile and make it quick

In today’s world, most people browsing the web on their mobiles more than ever. Some people don’t have computers and laptops, they have their smartphones as a source of internet. Especially, youngsters are browsing on mobile.

If your website is not loaded on mobile, you are going to lose sales. People can go to another website. your site is adjusted to the screen size of the smartphone on loading, and the images must load perfectly. Navigation links and buttons should work just as well on mobile as they would on a laptop or desktop. You should make sure about the maintenance of the same functionality and clean look as your desktop site – especially on your checkout page.

Your site should be fast. Before they have seen even one product, a lagging page makes customers judge your website and your brand. If your page takes 4 sec of loading time, you have lost already 25% of viewers.

Avoid jamming your e-commerce site page with more interactive graphics or random blocks of text, they will decrease your loading time. Use good images, but ensure that they are in less data-intensive file formats. Instead of massive PNG files that will take more time to load, use high-quality JPG images display on the web.

Tip 4: Make simple and seamless checkout

When the customer gets to your checkout page, don’t make them struggle. You should invest lots of time and effort in a site that gets the customer to the final stage. Make sure they pass over it.

Give customers the choice to checkout as a guest. With the only necessary information, make them fill some data fields as possible. Label those data fields clearly. Let them see a product preview in their cart with a description and review about what they are buying. 

Also, don’t wait until the final point to tell about the shipping or other fee with their purchase. If you are telling it in their final line, that the total fee is more than they expected, so it makes dishonest to you. Be upfront about what shipping options are available and their cost. Highlight your return and refund policies on your checkout page, So that customers can know what to expect if they have to return a product. knowing policy is in use gives more peace of mind to the customer and gives more reliability to your website. Customers should know what information to give you, why it is needed to you, and how you are protecting it, to get their product. Then, make the process easy for them.

Tip 5: Reviews and testimonials

Before buying the product, customers should research a new product by looking at the review is of first thing. How others think about the product? How was their experience with your company? People want to see this kind of information.

Include a rating system in your e-commerce website design, and ask the customer to write honest reviews. Try to get a more positive one as you can. Seeing 4 and 5 stars reviews increases the trust of people. Moreover, there is a chance that people who trust you are paying more for your product and service.

On your site, make testimonials public somewhere. Add them to your checkout page or your blog. If you are able, add pictures of your customers to their testimonials. Seeing a good review from someone with a real face does make trust with new customers. Connecting an easy-to-find FAQ page in your website design also makes trust. Answer most commonly asked question by the customer. Add it in the top and bottom navigation menus, and link back to the opted areas of your website. You may try to make a forum for answering the question, even by the experienced customer.


It is easy to build a website. But it is difficult to make a beautiful and easy to use for the customer. Especially put more effort to make an e-commerce website. Browse your favorite website which has a simple and clear design for inspiration. Then try to get that style into your e-commerce website design.

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